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Constipation occurs when stool remains in the bowel for too long. It may be due to lack of physical activity, dehydration, improper diet and more. Change in daily routine, some drugs, overuse of Laxatives, aging, pregnancy, fever are other possible causes of constipation.


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What is Constipation Constipation is when you are having difficulty in passing stools or less bowel moments than usual. It is the condition through which everyone goes through. Normally there nothing serious about and it makes you feel better once you over with it. Although there are several cases which can be alarming. Are you having problems in stools hard dry or small stools discomfort in lower stomach or vomiting Then you are constipated. Generally it is due to slow bowel movements can affect the whole body affecting digestion the clearing of toxins from the system energy levels and the absorption of nutrients. Truth:- Every 5th person in this world is suffering from constipation

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What are the causes of constipation Constipation occurs when stool remains in the bowel for too long. It may be due to lack of physical activity dehydration improper diet and more. Change in daily routine some drugs overuse of Laxatives aging pregnancy fever are other possible causes of constipation. Some more causes are:  Poor diet.  Dehydration  Physical inactivity.  Colon cancer.  Overdose of laxatives.  Pregnancy  Lack of water in body.  Strain.  Some medicines.  Changes in daily routine.  Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.  Aging. Alert- Your constipation may be due to Bowel Cancer ulcerative Colitis or IBS .

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Constipation symptoms Constipation is common in the general population rates of constipation varies from 2 to 30.3 In old people living in care homes the rate of constipation is 50 to 75. Here are the constipation symptoms :  painful bowel movements  Stomach Bloating  uncomfortable  sluggish  Straining too much.  Vomiting.  Incomplete evacuation.

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Permanent Constipation Cure http://stomach-problems.com/ulcerative-colitis/ If Constipation is not cured permanently then it will lead to Ulcerative colitis and then Bowel cancer. An unhealthy Bowel will lead to severe life taking diseases. In most of the cases its hardly to understand the main cause behind it but it is clear that it occurs due to improper bowel movements. Cleaning your Bowel is ultimate and permanent solution to your problem. If it is left untreated it can lead to piles fissures fistula Liver congestion gall bladder stones kidney stones more one should not take it as lightly because it’s a signal that something is wrong in the body. To cure it permanently you have to focus on the root of problem. Bowel Cleanse is one of the most preferred solution for all your constipation problems It detoxify your body and removes all viruses and toxins from your bowel. This not only treat your this problem but also cures the stomach diseases like IBS gastritis diarrhea and more. It is 100 natural with zero side effects.

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