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Inviting the People you don't Know

Slide 2: 

Having so many friends that you don’t know will cause problems

Slide 3: 

I like adding friends I like adding friends I like adding friends

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The people you add that you don’t know can see your profile

Slide 5: 

Can he see my profile

Slide 6: 

Chatting with the stranger and asking you “Where do you live"

Slide 7: 

You: HI Stranger: hi Stranger: where do you live

Slide 8: 

He could send you a virus

Slide 9: 

My brother has a virus

Slide 10: 

Don’t give out too much information of yourself.

Slide 11: 

Don’t put this in formation out!!

Slide 12: 

Adding strangers can cause kidnapped and stalking from your house

Slide 13: 

Who is it???

Slide 14: 

Never EVER give out your birth date house address and phone number

Slide 15: 

I shouldn’t put this on

Slide 16: 

Don’t invite people that you don’t know

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