Dental Cavities- Ways to Prevent


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Dental cavities or caries is a breakdown of teeth due to bacteria which are common among kids and teenagers. Here are some ways to prevent dental cavities. To know more,


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Dental Cavities and Ways to Prevent Them :

Dental Cavities and Ways to Prevent Them


What are dental cavities? Cavities are also called caries which are permanent damaged spots in the hard surface of the teeth that progress into small or large holes that can only be repaired by dentists.


How do they cause? Cavities are particularly seen in young children and teenagers those who do not practice a proper oral hygiene. The process of tooth decay involves, Plaque Build Up Plaque Damages Teeth Decay and Destruction


Signs and Symptoms Based on the location of cavities and level of decay, different signs and symptoms may arise. When the cavity starts, there may be no early symptoms. But when it spreads larger, signs and symptoms will be visible and that includes, Tooth pain, especially when biting down White, brown, or black spots on the decayed teeth Small or large holes in the teeth visible to the naked eye


How to prevent dental cavities? Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste before going to bed. It’s recommended to brush twice a day. Visit a dentist regularly and perform regular checkups & maintenance Avoid continual sipping and snacking Use mouth washes after taking meals


Importance of healthy diet For good dental health, eat a variety of foods. Choose foods from each of the five major food groups: milk, cheese and yogurt vegetables meat, poultry and fish breads, cereals and other grain products fruits


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