My level II

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My level II: 

My level II In this level I learned many things like an addresses, past, future And many other things very interesting The theacher was very friendly with her students.


AGENDA Unit 9:Brocoli is good for you Unit 10: Talents and sports Unit 11: Festivities Unit 12: At the Doctors Unit13: Where’s URBE? Unit 14: Last weekend Unit 15: Biographies Unit 16: Telephones

My Blog: 

My Blog I did a Slide slide of my classmates and me. I did'nt find photos of the teacher =( I loved the talents of my colleagues like the cake and fresh cheese mmm

My blog: 

My blog I made a slide of my closest friends Truth is the’re very important in my life


I upload a power point presentation of all my homework I did a brief welcome to my blog


Las clases me parecieron muy dinámicas La profesora fue muy simpatica y cariñosa Compartí mucho con mis compañeros de clase Aprendí muchas cosas interesantes como por ejemplo manejar blogs por internet

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