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The Future : 

The Future

Education : 

Education You go to school for one day and they give you a hat that you put on and it teaches you everything you need to know in life. Then for the rest of the day you just sit there and watch TV after you put the hat on and learn everything.

Houses : 

Houses The houses look real small on the outside but on the inside of the house it is really big. The houses don’t cost as much as they do now and they are fancy for how much they cost.

Work : 

Work You don’t have to work you get to stay at home and get government check and you only get the checks if your 14 and older. But if you’ve been in trouble with the law you have to work.

Food : 

Food You get a pill that you drop water on it and it makes food for you to eat. The forks and spoons are edible to.

Clothing : 

Clothing The clothing doesn’t shrink it just says the same size forever. If you ever spill something on you shirt or shorts it will just go away right when it gets on your clothes.

Climate : 

Climate The climate is usually like this all cloudy and foggy a lot. But on the weekends its sunny all the time and it never rains.

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