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Sting Operation


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Sting Trend Wrist Watch Camera HD:

Sting Trend Wrist Watch Camera HD The physical appearance of trend wrist watch camera looks just like an ordinary wrist watch, it is incorporated with latest technology. This sting gadget can be used in various sting projects and it can also be used for capturing immediate pictures. Sting Trend Wrist Watch Camera

Sting Watch Waterproof Camera:

Sting Watch Waterproof Camera This multi tasking hidden Sting Watch camera includes various features with latest technology, also facilitates function like records videos and audios, captures pictures and obviously tells the time as well. Sting Watch Waterproof camera

Sting Pen Camera:

Sting Pen Camera This pen camera can record videos and images of any situation and has been powered with a USB port for transfer of files and charging the battery. Sting Pen Camera

Sting Pendant Camera:

Sting Pendant Camera This is a modern Pendant shaped mini DVR, which acts smartly in any kind of sting operation and can record audio and video with its secret hidden camera inside. Sting Pendant Camera

Sting Button Camera:

Sting Button Camera This is a tiny audio video recorder structured like a Button for secret Audio & Video recording. The button camera is easily connected with AV recorder and no other source of power is required for the camera. Sting Button Camera

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