Low Cost Auto Insurance Guide

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Low Cost Auto Insurance Guide : 

Low Cost Auto Insurance Guide

When to Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance, Beforehand or at the Border? : 

When to Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance, Beforehand or at the Border? Mexico remains a great destination for vacationing or holiday. The people happen to be very friendly and welcoming. It offers a superb experience that is definitely once in a lifetime. It is however important to remember to have all your documentation ready before you hit the road south. What most people don't know is the fact that once you are out of the states, your American car insurance doesn't really hold. Some border states e.g. California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona usually have agreements with Mexican authorities to ease cross border commuting for people working in Mexico and living in the US. The bottom line however is US and Canadian car insurance policies are invalid in Mexico and Mexico does not recognize American insurance policies.

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It is always good to purchase a Mexican auto insurance online before you actually travel. Mexican regulations require that visitors coming into Mexico have a vacation car insurance policy. It usually lasts the duration of your holiday or longer so that you may make multiple trips per year. They are available in various increments which range from daily to monthly, 6 months to annually. A regular 6 month or annual length insurance policy is the best if you plan on staying for a couple of months, because it will be less expensive. Mexico car insurance can be purchased at the border post where there are numerous booths and shacks that specifically deal with this. It is a relatively basic affair, but can lead to extra expense, waiting in line, and not really knowing what you are purchasing. You can also purchase Mexican car insurance beforehand. This can be done months or a few weeks or days before you start your vacation. There are a number of companies that deal primarily with insurance issues on both sides of the border. ACE Seguros is a well known insurance provider with specialty in this field.

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Vacations and holidays in Mexico are a jolly good time to enjoy yourself and have fun together with friends and family. It is certainly not the time to be in trouble with foreign authorities (detained until you pay your obligations) just because you don't have Mexican Car insurance policy for your car. So, be smart, plan in advance and get your Mexican insurance before you hit the road this holiday season. Don't forget to learn a few courteous Mexican phrases; you never know when you might need them. When to Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance, Beforehand or at the Border?

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