Online parenting classes

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Online parenting classes : 

Online parenting classes

What is the best free online parenting class to take? : 

What is the best free online parenting class to take? Good on you for trying to be a better parent! I don't know of any parenting classes online that you can take but you can study as much as possible. There are many great parenting sites out there that give several different perspectives on parenting school-aged children. Just read articles, learn new techniques, and implement them. I'm not sure what a parenting class [online or not...] could teach you that simply researching can't but maybe that's just me.


APPRAISAL OF INDIAN SITUATION- EFFECTIVE UTILISATION OF ICT IN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE Today we are living in the age of information, and communication where the information societies are rapidly transforming themselves from information society to knowledge society. Information society or rather its Japanese term "Johoka Shokai", was perceived by the Japanese writer, Yoneji Masuda, "as a society, which would eventually move to a point at which the production of information values became the formative force for the development of the society."


NEW COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES The concept of global village by Marshall McLuhan is becoming increasingly interconnected by communication technologies that is gradually defining the way we look at the world. The Gutenberg era is over. A new digital communications technology has emerged. An electronic superhighway is beginning to girdle the globe as voice, video and data converge bringing in the wake a new basket of digital multimedia and interactive communications technologies. New technologies such as Global Satellite of Mobile communications(GSM),General Packet Radio service(GPRS), Teletext, Videotex, Virtual Private Network(VPN), Wi-Fi, Coded Division Multiple Access(CDMA) etc are gaining wide acceptance due to several advantages like--

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Interactivity Demassification (As opposed to the old economy (which focused more on mass production and mass broadcasting to a mass audience), the new economy breaks down (demassifies) production. The focus, in terms of production, is now shifted to customization, segmentation, and individualization. This trend leads to narrowcasting). Asynchronity (the exchange of data, figures, and conversation takes place on a real time basis, without the presence of all the participants). Immediacy User friendly Narrowcasting(A narrowcast is the transmission of data to a specific list of recipients. Cable television is an example of broadcast model in which the signals are transmittedeverywhere and anyone with an antenna can receive them. The internet uses both a broadcast and a narrowcast model. To transmit to selected individuals. Cable TV and satellite radio are examples of narrowcast services because they reach only their subscriber base. Mailing lists are another example.) Infotainment(A television program with a mixture of news and entertainment features,such asinterviews, commentaries, and reviews). Ease of updating Instantaneous message dissemination Time saving and Cost Effective

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