apla online workshop day one part two

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APLA Online Workshop Day One Part Two


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Day One:

Day One What is Recruitment? The way people at risk for HIV are brought into a prevention intervention program locating, engaging and motivating people who are at risk for HIV

Day One:

Day One Recruitment is important because intervention is only effective when it reaches the target population reaching the right population with the right intervention requires effective recruitment strategies

Day One:

Day One A n effective recruitment strategy brings an adequate number of high risk persons into intervention determined by the characteristics of target group, nature of intervention and risk profile of community

Day One:

Day One Recruitment Objectives number of individuals in the target population identified in program objectives for the year divided into months and weeks will determine how staff will recruit high risk individuals

Day One:

Day One Create a Wiki that identifies your program/intervention, your program objectives according to your scope of work, your recruitment objectives and the challenges you think will occur in your efforts to meet your objectives

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