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Stephen Taylor Lafayette, LA Ex-Employee Steve Taylor, who currently resides in Lafayette, LA, is an experienced professional in the aviation industry. He got his start in the private aviation industry with NetJets Aviation, Inc. From 1999 to 2007 he was the company ’ s International Operations and Compliance Programs Manager. He fronted a comprehensive training program that guaranteed that the company ’ s international flight operations operated optimally. He also directed strategic planning and supervised all international concessions.


Stephen Taylor Lafayette, LA Former Assistant Chief Pilot Steve Taylor is an experienced pilot and knowledgeable professional in the aviation industry in Lafayette, LA. His first job in the private aviation industry came with NetJets Aviation, Inc. He was an Assistant Chief Pilot and managed 39 aircrafts, over 300 pilots, and more than 125 flight attendants. He was a pilot in the Marine Corps from 1991 to 1999 and was honorably discharged as a Captain.


Stephen Taylor Lafayette, LA Graduate of Arizona State University Steve Taylor is a graduate of Arizona State University who currently lives in Lafayette, LA. He is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and was a walk-on football player at Arizona State. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps in 1991. He is now a professional in the aviation industry and has experience in executive management.


Stephen Taylor Lafayette, LA Former College Football Player Steve Taylor is an expert and professional in the aviation industry in Lafayette, LA. He has extensive executive management experience with aviation companies and is a former pilot in the Marine Corps. Before being commissioned in the Marine Corps, he attended Scottsdale College in Arizona for two years and later Arizona State University. He played junior college football for Scottsdale and was a walk-on at Arizona State University.


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