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Safety is the most important aspect in carrying out industrial construction. In NSW if you want to work at heights, you need a High Risk Work Licence. Know how our Work Safety courses can help you to work safely at heights.


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Work Safely At Heights Course:

Work Safely At Heights Course Boom Type EWP Licence Forklift Training Course Dogging Course Vehicle Loading Crane Course Scissor Lift Training

Work Safely At Heights Training:

Work Safely At Heights Training Whether you work at heights daily or once in a week, it is required to focus on the safety standards. If you are performing any task at heights with forklifts, elevated work platform or with vehicle loading crane then you need a valid high risk work licence from the SafeWork New South Wales. As per SafeWork NSW, to ensure the safety of workmen and minimize accidents at workplace, employer must employ certified operators to operate the high power vehicles.

Available Courses :

Available Courses In order to get a High Risk Work Licence , different courses are available: Forklift Training Course Dogging Course Vehicle Loading Crane Course Scissor Lift Licence Course Boom Type EWP Licence Course Work Safely at Heights Course Forklift Refresher Course

Forklift Training Course:

Forklift Training Course If you want to operate Forklift with in Australia, then you need a valid Forklift Operating Licence . Without Forklift Licence , you’ll not allowed t the workplace. In order to get a valid licence , you have to pass the Forklift Training Course. After getting Forklift Licence , you’ll be able to operate any kind of Forklift including counterbalance or reach trucks etc. Dogging Course A Dogging DG Licence allows you to direct the movements of loads at a workplace. After completion of this course you can guide cran e operators, to lift or move the load in different directions

Vehicle Loading Crane Course:

Vehicle Loading Crane Course On successful completion of this course, you can operate Hiab or Palfinger kind of Vehicle Loading Cranes at a workplace. The duration of this course is 1 day where training and assessment will be provided. The fees of Vehicle Loading Crane Course is AUD 350 Scissor Lift Licence Course This course is also known as Yellow Card for Boom Lift Scissor Lift and Vertical Lift. After completing this course you’ll be eligible to operate elevated work platform of that class. Duration of the course is 1 day and cost is a AUD 335.

Boom Type EWP Course:

Boom Type EWP Course If you want to operate self propelled, trailer mounted and other kind of EWP with in Australia then you required Boom Type EWP licence . It is a 3 day course where you will learn lifting of loads at different heights, inspection and operational methods during the training. Work Safely at Heights Course Work Safely at Heights Course, provides following outcomes: Person will be able to work safely at heights To carry out inspection and planning of work at heights

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