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Are you looking to enroll under Forklift Training Course Sydney? Have different confusions regarding the course? Here is a list of common asked FAQs which will help you to remove your confusions regarding the Forklift Licence in NSW.


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IS FORKLIFT LICENCE TRAINING REQUIRED Yes if you want to operate a forklift in Australia then you need a valid High Risk Work Licence for Forklift. For licence you have to complete the Forklift Training Course and assessment only then youll be eligible to operate a forklift. DO I NEED FORKLIFT TRAINING FOR EVERY KIND OF FORKLIFT Not necessarily but you need a separate Forklift Training for LO and LF Type of Forklifts. With these two licences you will be able to operate both kind of forklifts. LF Forklift Licence will allow you to operate any forklift vehicle except LO while LO Forklift Licence will allow you to operate load shifting order picker. WHICH FORKLIFT LICENCE SHOULD I GET If you want to operate Counter Balanced Forklift Truck Reach Forklift Truck Side Loading Field Truck youll get a Forklift LF Class Licence. If you want to operate Order Picking Forklift Truck or Turret Truck then youll get Forklift LO Class Licence. HOW TO GET A FORKLIFT LICENCE IN NSW In order to get a Forklift Licence you have to complete the basic Forklift Training Course from the recognised training orgainisation. After passing the assessment you get your Forklift Licence NSW.

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WHAT ARE THE PREREQUISITES OF GETTING A FORKLIFT LICENCE Your age should be at least 18 years. You need a basic understanding of English language. You can speak and write in English. You need 100 points of identification driver licence passport   during test. WHAT IS THE DURATION OF THE COURSE The duration of the Forklift Training Course is of 2 days. For the 1st day training will conducted and on the 2nd day assessment w ill be taken. WHAT IS THE COST OF FORKLIFT TRAINING PROGRAM The total cost of the Forklift Training Program is AUD 500. For additional training AUD 150 will be charged from the candidate. HOW MUCH CAN I EARN BY OPERATING A FORKLIFT In New South Wales Forklift operators can earn between 15-25 AUD per hour. The total annual pay is near about 35000-45000 AUD as a forklif t operator.

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WHAT IS THE VALIDITY OF FORKLIFT LICENCE The Forklift Licence is valid for 5 years. After that you can r enew the licence. HOW CAN I RENEW MY LICENCE First you have to fill a renewal form. After that you have to s ubmit your passport photograph sized photos renewal fees and 100 points of identification to local authorized post office. I HAVE A OVERSEAS FORKLIFT LICENCE CAN I OPERATE FORKLIFT IN NSW No you can not operate a forklift in NSW with overseas Forklift Licence. If you have any other question on Forklift Training Program ki ndly do let me know in the comments or by email.

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