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Furthermore, clinical psychologists can be found in a wide range of settings from hospitals to private practice, and are qualified to treat severe mental illness in addition to more common emotional issues.


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What is a Psychologist Psychologists are mental health professionals that work within many spheres in the healthcare world. Psychologists can be found working in research hospital private practice and many other settings. The main focus of all psychologist is to study the mental emotional and behavioral processes of humans. Psychologists are required to obtain doctorate level education either as Doctor of Psychology PsyD or Doctor of Philosophy PhD. Furthermore subsequent licensure is required for psychologists seeking to treat clients clinically. In your search to find the right psychologist it is important to understand what types of psychologist are out there and how they may be able to help you. People seek a psychologist for a variety of issues including stress relationship problems issues at school career problems depression anxiety and many more. The right psychologist may be able to help you with your specific need utilizing their expertise and training. If you are looking for a psychologist in the Claremont area this article will help clarify the different types of psychologists within the field of psychology. Here is a description of a few different types of psychologists to help you with your search: Counseling Psychologist: Counseling psychologists have training and experience focused on the assisting individuals in their personal and interpersonal functioning across a lifespan according to the Society of Counseling Psychology. Psychologists specializing in counseling psychology typically do not work with severe mental illness however focus on helping individuals better their everyday functioning. Examples of areas that counseling psychologists’ focus on in therapy include occupational relationship emotional and developmental concerns. Therefore counseling psychologists primarily use psychotherapy as means to help those suffering from mental and emotional distress. Clinical Psychologists: Clinical psychologists like counseling psychologists use psychotherapy and treatment planning to help people cope with mental emotional and relationship problems that disturb their everyday functioning. However clinical psychologists also incorporate other interventions into treatment to aid client’s treatment such as assessment and testing. According the American Psychological Association clinical psychologist are adept to provide “consultation to agencies and communities training education and supervision and research-based practice” in addition to counseling services.Furthermore clinical psychologists can be found in a wide range of settings from hospitals to private practice and are qualified to treat severe mental illness in addition to more common emotional issues.

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Educational Psychologists: Educational psychologists work within the educational system to address how individuals learn learning disabilities giftedness and instructional strategies. Educational psychologists mostly serve children adolescents and young adults who have learning complexities social problems or emotional issues. They are equipped to help students and teachers with issues surrounding learning aptitudes and other concerns related to school performance. Furthermore they teach teachers or instructors how to offer a more learning conducive atmosphere particularly for kidswith learning disabilities or giftedness. In addition to these there are several other types of psychologists including neuropsychologistsresearch psychologists and forensic psychologists to name a few. In order to find the right psychologist for you it is important to know what each type of psychologist specializes in and how they will approach helping you. Hope this information helps you on your journey to find the right psychologist for you. For More Visit at:

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