The Benefits of Frangible Bullets


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Frangible bullets is coming up as the modern-day bullet, the bullet of choice for personal defence and shooting. But what exactly does this bullet has to offer? To start with, it is made with a compressed material, usually copper, tungsten or zinc.


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The Benefits of Frangible Bullets

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Frangible bullets is coming up as the modern-day bullet the bullet of choice for personal defence and shooting. But what exactly does this bullet has to offer To start with it is made with a compressed material usually copper tungsten or zinc andisthereforecompletely freeof lead.

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Testing the Frangible From shots on paper targets to steel plates to live hunting action frangible bullets have been tested on everything and excelled at everything. Hunters have ably dropped game with frangible bullet confessing their love for its ability to offer clean kills and devastating wounds. Better yet using frangible bullets saves the environment from lead poisoning and mosthunters and bald eagle lovers are nowbeginning to realize that w e’ v e had enough of that. Another benefit of a frangible bullet is the absence of an exit wound which drastically reduces the chancesofunintentional injuries duetoover penetration.

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Steel plate shooting is considered to be the best use of frangible ammunition. There is that distinct ‘ p i ng ’ when the bullet hits home but the sound is more subdued than non- frangibles hitting steel. Better yet there i sn ’ t the slightest backsplashnorany chance of aricochet.

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Reducing Accidents Frangible bullets are designed to shatter into tiny pieces upon impact offering greater penetration and reducing the chances of accident or unintended injury. The ability to shatter upon impact prevents ricochets and also stops the bullet from penetrating through a soft target with significant force. And while these are some excellent benefits that frangible projectiles have to offer there are some other benefits of using frangible bulletsaswell. Accuracy Most shooters would like to believe that since frangible projectiles are lightweight they cannot be as accurate as ordinary bullets. However when tested at distances ranging from 7 to 25 yards frangibles offered the same if not better levels of accuracy. Moreover frangible bullets even offered great results when it came to precision i.e. that tightgroup rightwhere you want ittobe.

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Multi-Purpose Use And while frangible bullets are ideal for steel plates they offer a far greater variety of uses. Their ability to penetrate the body and cause permanent would cavities means that the y ’ r e equally useful for self defence or hunting. The y ’ r e entirely capable of devastating internals and shattering bones and they often tend to drop the target quickly andpainlessly. Frangible bullets are sure to drop and drift differently when compared to non-frangibles but don’t let that stop you. The r e’ s nothing that a little bit of practice c an’t correct. As with any ammunition spending sometimeatthe rangehelpsyou determine therightaim.

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