A Baby Boutique Re-Envisioned in St. Louis

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Shop Rung is the most popular boutique among the all top boutiques in the St. Louis. We help you to select the designer, vintage, used clothing at budget-friendly prices for the women, kids, maternity etc. This is the best place to support the St. Louis Women’s by donating good condition clothes, goods and much more. Rung Re-Envisioned https://goo.gl/W2ZMvC


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Official Announcement Rung Re-Envisioned

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Welcome to the next chapter of Rung an innovative approach to helping women achieve lifelong independence and create generational change. Rung a boutique offering a fresh approach to non-profit resale with net profits benefiting women and children’s organizations opened in Rock Hill in 2010. This fall the store will close and Rung will re-emerge in a new location with a new innovative approach. shoprung.org/official-announcement-rung-re-envisioned/

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Mission Rung’s mission has always been to support and empower women in the St. Louis area. As a boutique the mission was realized by providing fashionable attire at affordable prices as well as professional and personal growth opportunities in a fun uplifting boutique atmosphere. The new Rung will be a “single source” providing and connecting the services that women who lack economic independence need to reach the next “rung” of success in their lives. After years of providing a space where women could find great-looking clothing at affordable prices a launching pad for their careers and opportunities to connect with other women I have decided to go further and work to make a greater impact in my community” said Ali Kindle Hogan founder and president of Rung. “Even before we opened the boutique’s doors seven years ago I knew Rung could evolve into something bigger. shoprung.org/official-announcement-rung-re-envisioned/

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Inspiration Rung’s core mission remains the same but as Ali learned through her work at the boutique she realized the mission needs to evolve. “The needs of women in St. Louis have changed since we opened. Women don’t just need help finding the right outfit to get a job they need a clear path to resources and services that will help them achieve economic sustainability for themselves their families and for future generations.” From this new understanding the inspiration for a new Rung was born. Ali’s words set the stage for the next chapter “Imagine a woman who is working really hard just to make ends meet for her and her family. Now imagine a place where just by opening one door and walking through it that woman could find all the services and support she needs to move beyond making ends meet to make her life easier and in the long-run more prosperous. This is the next chapter of Rung. shoprung.org/official-announcement-rung-re-envisioned/

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Get Touch:- Location 9741 Manchester Rd. St. Louis MO 63119 across from Hacienda Contact Email: infoshoprung.org Phone: 314.918.0575 Fax: 314.918.0595 shoprung.org/contact-rung/

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