Know Your Personality Depends On Your Car Choice

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This presentation or document is used to know your personality depends on your car or car's choice.


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Know Your Personality Depends On Your Car Choice:

Know Your Personality Depends On Your Car Choice

1. Small Car : Prius, Honda, Civic, Smart Car:

1. Small Car : Prius, Honda, Civic, Smart Car Small car drivers are more pro-environmental and prefer higher density neighborhoods than drivers of other types of Cars. They don’t necessarily see their cars as a ticket to freedom. They aren’t workaholics or status seekers who try to display wealth. They want to lessen their impact on the earth and have a reliable car – and find a parking spot.

2. Mid – Sized Car : Chevrolet Sedan:

2. Mid – Sized Car : Chevrolet Sedan “Mid – Sized Car drivers have no distinct travel attitude, personality, lifestyle, mobility, or travel-liking characteristics.”

3. Luxury Cars : Cadillac, Lexus:

3. Luxury Cars : Cadillac, Lexus Status Seekers More apt to drive long distances. Men and older or retired people are more likely to have one. Highly – educated and higher – income people. ‘Achievers’ – profit-oriented workaholics who like being independent.

4. Sports Car : BMW, Porsches:

4. Sports Car : BMW, Porsches Adventure seekers They’re not claim and more likely than average to have a college degree. Surprisingly, they were more likely to have lower incomes. An “emulator” – younger, financially unstable, low self – esteem people.

5. Minivan / Van:

5. Minivan / Van Calm and weren’t loners They enjoyed travelling in their car; More likely to live in the suburbs, be Females, homemakers, Aged forty-one to sixty-four. And surprise, have children.

6. Pickup:

6. Pickup Don’t like high-density living situations. More likely to be dissatisfied with their lives They tend to be workaholics Have lower education Be full-time employees, Have service related jobs Be middle – income.

7. SUV:

7. SUV Less environmentally minded. Liked to travel short distances in their cars. More likely to be suburbanites Aged forty or younger Came from larger households Likely to have children

Certain Colors indicate certain personalities:

Certain Colors indicate certain personalities Aggressive Personality Rebel Introspective, reflective, and cautious Idealistic Contained and controlled Cool, Calm, may be a loner Someone who is full of energy and pizzazz Black Blue Silver Red Cream Yellow Reactive Status seekers, gregarious Green White

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