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If you have any other doubts then you can clearly discuss with us on and can also book the tour packages for attracting destinations.


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Questions That Comes in Mind Before Going a Trip Yes whenweplanatripthenalotof questionscomein mind tha t’ s why here is given some questions that generally every person thinks before start any trip to/from international or local. So l et’ s see those questionswithsuitableanswerssuchas 1.AretheTripandPriceGuaranteed The trip is guaranteed even with the sign-up of the minimum of two people. The price shown with departure date is guaranteed once you send us a trip application form with a deposit of 350.00. Otherwise it may change until we receive the trip applications form. 2.WhatIsInternalAir There areflights involved in thetrip. Internal Airis the flights between one city/place to another during the trip.Sincetheairfareskeepchangingwedonotinclude thisinthelandcost. 3.CanYouArrangeMyFlightsFrom/ToU.S. Yes we can arrange your flights from/to U.S. We can matchtheonlineairfareifnotlowerone.Youjustneed to email us your full name as appears on the passport and departure city in U.S. We will then send you a quote for the flight. To issue the ticket we just need yourcreditcarddetails.

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4.HowSoonDoIBooktheTrip The sooner you book the better it is because getting lower airfare from U.S. is higher when you book well in advance. Also it is hard to get seats on some of the internal flight if it is closer to departure date. You can usually make the international flight reservation nine monthspriortoyourdeparturedate. 5.DoINeedVisaPermitEntranceFees YesyouneedavisaforMyanmar.Youcanapplyandget online e-visa which is easy. Just go to forvisa. All thepermits and entrancefeesareincludedinthetrip. 6.WhatAbouttheWeather Winter is the best time to travel to Myanmar which is from November to February. The weather generally stays niceand sunnyduring theperiod and thechance ofrainisverylow. 7.WhenDoINeedtoPay At the time of booking you need to send us 350.00 deposit with a trip application form. 1000 is due 3 monthspriortodepartureandbalanceisdue2months priortodeparture.Fortheinternalflightyoumayneed topayabout5-6 months as weneed to issuethetickets tosecuretheflightseats. 8.HowBigAretheGroups Our groups are usually small so you get the personalizedservicesfromlocalguides.

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Theremustbeminimumof 2peopletorunthetripand themaximumis10peopleinthegroup. 9.HowDifficultIstheTrip This is an easy trip. However you have to be physically fit to do this trip. You will be spending from around 9 AM to 4 PM touring around going from one place to another taking scenic drive and enjoying the world- famousmonuments/heritagesiteshereandthere. 10.DoINeedTravelInsuranceWhereIPurchase It We strongly recommend you to purchase the travel insurance which protects you in case if you had to cancel the trip or other reasons like flight delay flight cancellation and medical evacuation. Once you book thetrip wecansendyouaTravelInsuranceQuote.You can either buy through the link we send you or from yourchoiceofotherinsurancecompanies. 11. What About Accommodations Meals Upgrade You will be staying in nice comfortable accommodation with attached bath. Your breakfast is alwaysincluded. Your guide can help you to buy lunch and dinner. A decent meal will cost you about 8-12 in tourist class restaurant. If you like to upgrade it to higher end hotelsthatisalsopossiblewithadditionalprice. 12. What About Guide Drivers and Travel During thePeriod

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We provide experienced driver and English-speaking local guides during the tour. You will be traveling in comfortable private Car or van or mini bus with driver and guide depending on the number of people in the group. 13.WhatShouldIPack Wewill email you apacking listonceyou book thetrip with us. We mail you the final information packet 2-3 monthspriortodeparture.Youwillfindtheallrelevant information including confirmed hotels local contact detailsdomesticflightinfoandpackinglistaswell. 14.CanIExtendMyTrip Yes you can extend your trip to Thailand Laos Cambodia or Bhutan or other destinations in Asia. You may like to inform this at the time of booking the trip should you book the international flight with us. We wouldbehappytoarrangeyourextensionaswell. 15.CanWeMakeThisasAPrivateTriponOurOwn Date Yes we can arrange this trip as a private trip on your owndate.Howeverthepricewillbehigher. And if you have any other doubts then you can clearly discuss with us on and can also book the tour packages for attracting destinations like Myanmar tour packages Mongolia tour package NepalTibetBhutantourpackagesandsoon. Reference- tour-packages

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