Activities to Do in The Beautiful Land of Myanmar


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One of the top activities that you should not miss from the Myanmar tour package in Bagan is riding a sight-seeing balloon.


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Are you planning for a trip to Myanmar then you must book a Myanmar tour packages where you should try to explore its various and attracting places So here is given some of the main activities that you can do here such as 1. Sightsee the Golden Pagoda – Shwedagon Pagoda The main thing that comes up at the top of the priority list of guests about Myanmar tour package is the old neighborhood of Shwedagon Pagoda – The Golden Pagoda. As per legends it was constructed 2500 years prior Through every one of the harms by wars catastrophic events Pagoda stops on Singuttara hill in Yangon city with the assistance of a human. There are four entrance gates every way has a couple of chin the go d’ s lions monitor the street prompts the pagoda. This mind-blowing pagoda has a popular 98- meter stature with 27 metric huge amounts of gold leaf more than 5400 precious stones and 2300 rubies plated. From here you will have an all-encompassing perspective on the city. Particularly when the sun goes down the entire pagoda will sparkle in the brilliant light. You need to see this amazing view once in your lifetime

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2. Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Bagan Bagan is an old-fashioned city it was capital and social political and financial center of the old Pagan Kingdom presently is Myanmar. This antiquated city attracts a large number of guests every year. One of the top exercises you can’ t miss from the Myanmar tour package in Bagan is riding a sight- seeing balloon. This famous experience carries another inclination for vacationers to enjoy the magnificence of the old city. You will see several sight-seeing balloons drifting in the sky of Bagan. From above you can feel the outside air the cool breeze contacting your skin and get an opportunity to see more than 2000 temples and pagodas between rich trees found everywhere throughout the city. It feels like you are turning back time to past times worth remembering of this antiquated city when it was a well-off focal point of the nation with more than 10000 rel i g i on ’ s landmarks. Nightfall or dawn is the best time to ride a tourist balloon. 3. Take Part in the Water Festival If you are a functioning individual as physical exercises a Myanmar tour package with Water celebration experience is directly for you. Water celebration happens in April consistently from the thirteenth to the fifteenth. I t ’ s the most significant event of four nations with a Theravada Buddhist Thailand Cambodia Laos and Myanmar denotes the beginning of the Buddhist schedule.

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In Myanmar i t ’ s known as Thingyan. At this festival everybody will shower water at one another. This activity is an image of good karma and purging. Consistently a great many guests come to Myanmar to join this festival. Reference- -to-do-in-the-beautiful-land-of-myanmar/ Contact Us To get more knowledge then contact us- Third Eye Travel 4809 El Torazo Cmn. Fremont CA 94536 U.S.A. Telephone: 1-800-456-3393 Toll Free +15104879010 From outside U.S. Fax: +1 510 487 9090 packages

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