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This Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour gave me a great understanding of the religions followed in Tibet along with the origin or history of coming to Tibet.


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Religions are highly important for the whole world. Each country has many religions and religions give us a way to live life. There are principles laid by religious books. Most of the times religions are made by the forefathers of any community.Theyareveryimportantforallsocieties. Sometimes religion can take birth at a place or it is also possible that some person made travel to another place and spread the learning of his religion. The same happened inthecaseof Buddhism and Christianityalso. I got to know about 3 major religions on Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages. Let us discuss them in a little detail. Buddhism- People living in Tibet are highly concerned about Buddhism.TheycallitTibetanBuddhism.Therearesome changes made by the Tibetan forefathers. Tibetan Buddhism is seen in the lifestyle of the Tibetan people. It strongly influences them. There are two branches of Buddhism in Tibet: Vajrayana and Mahayana. Mahayana is for the Buddhist practices and philosophies withalong-termsignificancehistorically. Vegetarian represents the Buddhist traditions of secret Mantraand isprepared inIndia. TheSecretMantraisalso referredtoasTantra.

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It originated in medieval India and got spread to many different parts of Asia. There are five main traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. They are a way of virtue oral lineage theancientonesgreyEarthand Jonang. Christianity- Christian it is also the religion that is followed by the people of birth. Itwasin the 17th and 18th centuries when Roman Catholic Capuchins and Jesuits. Christianity is a great way of leading life peacefully. God says never hurt anyoneintheworld according toChristianity. Oneshould always leadahappy life. If you are unhappy for a minute you lose sixty seconds of your happiness is one of the learnings given by Christianity.JesusChristlosthislifetohaveabelief inThe Almighty. There are many Christian Missionaries is that areactiveinTibet.TheseMissionarieshaveapprovalgiven bytheChineseauthorities. Islam- The culture of Islam is also active in Tibet. The Muslims have been living in different areas of the bed since the beginning of 8 in the 9th century. They have arrived in Tibetfromthreeregions.ThethreeregionsaretheCentral AsianTurkiccountries KashmirandLadakh. Persia also has contributed to bringing the influence of Islam in Tibet. It is interesting to know that there is a Chinese community of Muslims. This community traces its origin to an ethnic group of China called Hui. This Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour gave me a great understanding of the religions followed in Tibet along withtheoriginorhistoryofcoming toTibet.

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IttoldmethedetailsthatIdidnotknowfromanybook. It was prettyinteresting toknowaboutthereligionsinthree different directions and many other details associated with them. I will soon plan it again and take my family alsoasIwentwithmyfriendsthistime. Reference- religions-on-nepal-tibet-bhutan-tour/ BOOK THIS TRIP

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