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Health education is a profession of educating people about health. Health education brings together the art and science of medicine. Steven Cavellier explains some principles of effective learning in health education here.


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Principles of Effective Learning in Health Education:

Principles of Effective Learning in Health Education Steven Cavellier

Interest :

Interest Health education must be imported in a interesting manner. Learning only takes place when one is interested method like explaining example of current events creates interest. Health programmes of schools must be organized in a interesting manner, so students participation will be more.

Readiness Of Learner:

Readiness Of Learner Learner must feel comfortable and willing to participate in school healthy programmes. Therefore proper motivation and interest should be aroused in students.

Positive Manner:

Positive Manner In health education, positive statements like Be Clean area preferable, there should not be negative statements like do not remain dirty, positive statements are effective and workable than negative statements

Practical Knowledge:

Practical Knowledge Health education is better understood if imparted in practical situations. Practically experiencing healthy programmes develop more interest and learning.


Motivation Providing motivation is the most necessary part of health education, for practicing health programmes in life style.

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