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Being in the Network Planning and Engineering department, Steve Misencik has been provided several leadership opportunities. He led the Regional Access Planning teams in Canada, Mexico and several different countries in South America.


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Steve Misencik Dedicated Professional:

Steve Misencik Dedicated Professional Though he is rather young comparatively to many other experts in his discipline, Steve Misencik has continued to demonstrate a level of competence and understanding of telecommunications that has impressed both peers and superiors alike.

Steve Misencik Man of Principle:

Steve Misencik Man of Principle Steve Misencik says that his employer has prospered over the years because he is loyal to his customers and honest, something they appreciate. He says that life is pretty simple, and that it rewards those who lay out and stick to a certain moral fiber and foundation. Steve is a professional telecommunications expert that may one day branch off into direct sales and or Sales Engineering. Steve has experienced much success in both his personal and professional life, a result of him adhering to a set of standards and principles.

Steve Misencik Experts:

Steve Misencik Experts Steve Misencik and his fellow employees have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from when undertaking any project, something that sets him and his business apart from others in the industry. Steve is no stranger to the business world, and knows what it takes to be successful even in the volatile economy of today. He says that a business can only be as strong as the professionals that make it up, which is why he only works with the most highly esteemed and qualified experts in the field.

Steve Misencik An Engineer:

Steve Misencik An Engineer Among Steve Misencik's many certifications is the one awarded to him for being able to understand engineering and technology. Over these many years Steve has acquired a series of skills and qualifications that have made him a respected career man. He has been in the telecommunications industry for quite some time, accumulating a level of understanding for the field that many other do not have. Steve is a jack of all trades, a man that knows the inside and out of his profession, a result of many years of dedication.

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