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Su Visita con el Médico:

Su Visita con el Médico

“I can’t afford it.”:

“I can’t afford it.” “I don’t have time to take off from work.”

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e-Access Clinic

Minor illnesses treated quickly:

Minor illnesses treated quickly

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Allergies Arthritic pain Chest Pain & Heart Conditions Diabetes Digestive Disorder Treatment Flu

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Gastroenteritis Health condition monitoring Hypertension Medication Management Respiratory Conditions Skin conditions Sore throat



A typical visit costs about $69:

A typical visit costs about $69

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Cash Credit or Debit Cards Many insurance carriers Medicaid in Limited Locations e-Access Clinic

Your first visit…:

Your first visit… Complete intake form Read and sign consent form Provide your drivers license Insurance card

All visits afterward no forms to complete:

All visits afterward no forms to complete

Se habla Español.:

Se habla Espa ñ ol. Be sure and request a translator if you need one.

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Hello, doctor. Hi John. Sorry you’re not feeling well today.

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Pharmacy Rx


Walk-in Call ahead Clinic hours posted e-Access Clinic

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