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Preventing HIV in Sub-Saharan African Women : 

Preventing HIV in Sub-Saharan African Women

Treatment Action Campaign Group : 

Vision of TAC: A unified quality health care system which provides equal access to HIV prevention and treatment services for all people Mission of TAC:To ensure that every person living with HIV has access to quality comprehensive prevention and treatment services to live a healthy life Treatment Action Campaign Group

TAC Strategy : 

securing comprehensive treatment and prevention services in selected focus districts as a model for other districts to inform and support national advocacy efforts through its branches, providing a platform for people to mobilize and organize around HIV and related health rights. TAC Strategy

Overview of TAC : 

Started December 10, 1989 in Cape Town South Africa. Started to help have better access to treatment options for people with HIV/AIDS Nominated for Nobel peace prize in 2004 New York Times named TAC “the worlds most effective aids group” August 2006 Overview of TAC

TAC’s Core Programs : 

Prevention and Treatment Literacy (PTL) Community Health Advocacy (CHA) Policy, Communications and Research (PCR) TAC’s Core Programs

Prevention and Treatment Literacy (PTL) : 

PTL provides training and public health education on preventing HIV and TB. They also monitor access to essential HIV and TB services and treatment. Prevention and Treatment Literacy (PTL)

Community health Advocacy (CHA) : 

CHA strengthens awareness of and advocates for greater access to HIV and TB prevention, treatment, care and support services. They also offer leadership and advocacy training for people living with HIV/AIDS. Community health Advocacy (CHA)

Policy, Communications and ResearchPCR : 

PCR department is responsible for making sure that there is public health materials available to help educate about and against HIV and TB. Policy, Communications and ResearchPCR

Conclusion : 

TAC is a group that is working in everyway to help the women of Sub Saharan Africa to prevent and educate themselves about HIV, if they have already contracted the disease they then help them learn how to live with it. Conclusion

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