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Building Parent Partnerships for Maximizing Student Learning:

Building Parent Partnerships for Maximizing Student Learning MAIS Conference Steve Barkley October 2020

Building Parent Partnership for Maximizing Student Learning :

Building Parent Partnership for Maximizing Student Learning School-home partnerships have always been important for student success. When teachers were forced to work virtually with students, the importance was magnified. Many schools today, who have students in classrooms, still require teacher-parent communications to be virtual. In this session you can examine a continuum of parent teacher engagement and assess your current practices for strategies to enhance your partnerships. Explore the role of parents as learning coaches.

What happens at home…s at home……………………………:

What happens at home… s at home…………………………… The Harvard Family Research Project identified that school districts with parent engagement programs that truly impact student learning “…move beyond the traditional notion of family engagement, which focuses on parents attending events at the school, to recognizing that sometimes schools cannot “see,” but can still support, one of the most important parts of family engagement: what happens at home.”

The Parent Teacher Partnership :

The Parent Teacher Partnership

Starting Bi-Directional:

Starting Bi-Directional When teachers include specific information on what and how a learner is doing, a parent may be triggered to ask some questions: “About how long would you expect Cheryl to need to complete the writing assignment?” What kind of help might I provide?” Teacher may include a question, “What do you notice when Cheryl is given a writing assignment?”

True Dialogue:

True Dialogue Understanding is critical for both the teacher and the parent to provide the best support for learning. The parents understanding the teacher’s expectations, especially as it applies to their child, helps guide questions they should ask and information they should share. “Oh, so it’s not necessary for Cheryl to finish the assignment in a single work session?” The teacher understanding what’s happening at home helps her support student and parent. “It sounds like Cheryl is unclear about the next steps. Let me schedule her into my office hours spot for tomorrow. I’ll drop you a note after that.” True Dialogue


Teacher: “I am so glad that you spoke to me about Cheryl’s writing assignment. After meeting with her today, I could see she needed help in breaking the assignment into pieces and steps so that she can feel more successful with making progress. She and I mapped out a plan during our meeting today. I think she is ready to focus. It would be helpful if you could support her setting aside several half-hour blocks of time over the next three days for uninterrupted writing. Let me know what you see as she moves forward.” Parent : “Will do” Collaboration can emerge from a parent and teacher dialogue


Partnership level develops a plan when needed, executes it, assesses it, and uses a feedback loop for adaptations. Teacher: “We are starting a new writing assignment and I asked Cheryl to send me her ideas on breaking it down into steps before she begins. I’ll give her feedback on it. Keep me posted on what you notice. I think she is more interested in this topic so persistence should be easier. Thanks for all your support.” Partnership

Parents as Learning Coaches:

Parents as Learning Coaches Rather than instructing or teaching the content, the learning coach supports the student behaviors that will lead to the desired learning outcome. For parents to be learning coaches, they need to know what the “learning production” behaviors are … the actions that one engages in that produce the desired learning outcomes.

We Want Parents to Help: Most Parents Want to Help.:

We Want Parents to Help: Most Parents Want to Help.

Planning Parent Conferences:

Planning Parent Conferences

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