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Instructional Coaches and Teacher Leaders Supporting Colleagues With Coaching:

Instructional Coaches and Teacher Leaders Supporting Colleagues With Coaching Steve Barkley June 2019


All teachers deserve to receive coaching support. Coaching is a gift! Professional development research has clearly identified that classroom feedback is key to professional development transferring into practice that impacts student achievement. Coaches’ conferencing skills are critical. Instructional and Peer Coaching

Defining Coaching Roles:

Defining Coaching Roles EVALUATION Outside Criteria MENTORING PEER COACHING Teacher’s Choice SUPERVISION


Coaching Beliefs Everyone working in the school should be observed once a week and receive feedback. The most skilled and professional educators should be coached the most.


Celebrate Gain Options Practice Consciously


Unconsciously Talented Unconsciously Unskilled Consciously Unskilled Consciously Skilled Unconsciously Skilled Gordon’s (1974) Skill Development Ladder Gordon’s Skill Development Ladder The Art of Teaching


Later Now The coach is a cheerleader during this difficult time. Learning Dip

Joyce/Showers Research:

Joyce/Showers Research Training Components and Attainment of Outcomes in Terms of Percent of Participants Components Study of Theory Demonstrations Practice Peer Coaching Beverly Joyce and Bruce Showers (2002) Student Achievement Through Staff Development 3 rd Edition. Ch. 5: Designing Training and Peer Coaching: Our Needs for Learning. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Knowledge (thorough) 10 30 60 95 Skill (strong) 5 20 60 95 Transfer (executive implementation) 0 0 5 95 — OUTCOMES —


Pre-observation Conference Observation Post-observation Conference


The Environmental Influences

Open Environment:

Open Environment

Closed Environment:

Closed Environment

The Environmental Influences:

The Environmental Influences Right/Wrong One Way Sequence Skills Test Control Authority Quick Fix Uncover Thinking Opinions Problem Solving Creativity Critical Thinking Discussion Emotions/Feeling Counseling

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