NESA Bangkok April 4, 2016 Keynote

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Creating a School Culture of Coaching :

Creating a School Culture of Coaching Steve Barkley April 2016

School Change:

School Change Source: Model developed by Stephen Barkley 2 Change in Leadership Behavior Change in PLC and Peer Coaching Change in Teaching Behavior Change in Student Behavior Student Achievement

Teaching in a Learning Community:

Teaching in a Learning Community Teaching is a Team Sport Teaching is a Public Act


My Work My Time Design together Implement individually Shared responsibility for student achievement Helping each other Modify Individual Behavior Consensus on implementation Individual Franchise Team Vulnerability Trust Vulnerability ACTION Trust

Instructional Coaching:

Instructional Coaching EVALUATION Outside Criteria MENTORING PEER COACHING Teacher’s Choice SUPERVISION


Everyone working in the school should be observed once a week and receive feedback. The most skilled and professional educators should be coached the most. Coaching Beliefs


Celebrate Gain Options Practice Consciously


Unconsciously Talented Unconsciously Unskilled Consciously Unskilled Consciously Skilled Unconsciously Skilled Gordon’s (1974) Skill Development Ladder Gordon’s Skill Development Ladder The Art of Teaching


Later Now The coach is a cheerleader during this difficult time. Learning Dip

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