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Planning Backwards for Student Success Steve Barkley:

Planning Backwards for Student Success Steve Barkley

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School Change Source: Model developed by Stephen Barkley 3 Change in Leadership Behavior Change in PLC and Peer Coaching Change in Teaching Behavior Change in Student Behavior Student Achievement

Student Achievement:

Student Achievement What is the definition of student achievement that drives your work?

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21 st Century Skills Framework Core Subjects Economics English Government Arts History Geography Reading or Language Arts Mathematics Science World Languages Civics 21 st Century Themes - Global Awareness - Financial, Economic, Business & Entrepreneurship Literacy - Civic Literacy - Health Literacy

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21 st Century Partnership

Learning and Innovation Skills:

Learning and Innovation Skills Learning and innovation skills increasingly are being recognized as those that separate students who are prepared for a more and more complex life and work environment in the 21 st century, and those who are not. A focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration is essential to prepare students for the future.

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“As long as the task involved only mechanical skill , bonuses worked as they would be expected: the higher the pay, the better the performance.”

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But once the task called for “ even rudimentary cognitive skill ,” a larger reward “led to poorer performance.”

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14 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT GOALS ACADEMICS - knowledge and skills to be successful in school and life. LIFE SKILLS - aptitude, attitude and skills to lead responsible, fulfilling and respectful lives. RESPONSIBILITY TO THE COMMUNITY - attributes that contribute to an effective and productive community and the common good of all.

Student Behaviors:

Student Behaviors What student behaviors need to be initiated or increased to gain the desired student achievement?

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Student Behaviors Reading as choice Writing Finding problem to solve Researching Asking Questions Following a Passion Persevering/Effort Working independently and collaboratively Taking risk in learning Using technology to research and produce Adapting to change

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17 Teacher Changes What changes in individual teacher practices are most likely to generate the changes we seek in students?

Teacher Behaviors:

Teacher Behaviors Teach the desired student behavior. Model the desired student behavior.

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19 Staff Relationships Are there changes that need to occur in the way that staff members work with each other (staff relationships) in order for the desired individual staff member changes to occur? If so, describe.

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20 Teacher Relationships Parallel Play Adversarial Relationships Congenial Relationships Collegial Relationships Roland S. Barth Relationships Within the Schoolhouse ASCD 2006

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