A Tour of a Third World Country: Liberia

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A Tour of a Third World Country:Liberia : 

A Tour of a Third World Country:Liberia Caitlin Sternik ED 225-05 Quit

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Home Slide Living Conditions Houses Children Employment The Market Transportation Food and Water School System Weather The Streets Buildings My Experience Misc. Pictures and dance move video Cont. Misc. Pictures Authors Page Resources Page Quit

Living Conditions : 

Living Conditions The living conditions are nothing like they are here in America. There is trash all over the ground everywhere. There are not many cleared roads from house to house, so there is lots of greenery. Dogs roam the streets trying to find food for themselves along with the people begging for food to feed their families. People are just trying to survive with what they have, which is nothing. The few streets connecting cities are broken up and they are dirt. Quit

Houses : 

Houses The houses in Liberia are not very up to date. They are made out of mud, metal or wood. They are very small, usually one or two bedrooms big. There is not much ventilation since there is usually not many or any windows. There is no electricity in these houses either so they cook over charcoal or wood and some people have lanterns to help them see at night, but not everyone has those either. Quit

Children : 

Children Children in Liberia are everywhere. Many of them wonder and find other kids to play with since there is nothing to do at home. Community areas are very popular places for children to gather. Many of the children also take care of their younger bothers and sisters while their parents are either at work or trying to find food. It is children taking care of children. Quit

Employment : 

Employment 98% of the people are unemployed in Liberia according to a Liberian. That means no job…no money…no food and other necessities. Many people have to beg family members or friends for enough money just to be able to have food for the day. For the people who do have jobs they are not great paying jobs but it is something to buy food with. The few most common jobs that are available, are construction type jobs (welding, carpentry, etc.), tailoring, and mechanic work. Quit

The Market : 

The Market The market is a way that people try and make money. People are lined up all over trying to sell misc. things to try and make enough money to buy necessities. The markets are full of fresh fruit, other food, clothing, and knick knacks. Quit

Transportation : 

Transportation The majority of the people walk to where they need to go. Almost no one owns a car. There are taxis so if a person needs to go far they will take a taxi but the Liberians usually walk to where they have to go. The cars that are around are not in very good condition at all. They blow out a ton of smoke and they have dents in them because the roads are not in good condition at all. Quit

Food and Water : 

Food and Water The food that the Liberians eat most is rice. It is the cheapest thing to buy and it can last a long time too. Many people do not have the money to buy fancy food, they buy the necessity to be able to feed their families. The people in Liberia get their water from wells, some people have to walk very far to be able to get water. They can drink their water because their immune systems are immune to the parasites and other things in their water. When Americans go over there they need to drink bottled water or else they will get sick. Quit

School System : 

School System Liberia’s school system is very different than ours. Children have to pay to go to school and they have to wear uniforms also. Most school buildings are not in great condition and the rooms are very hot and sticky with little air circulation. The children have little supplies and the classroom have chalk boards and some are warped and not in great condition. Many children do not even get to go to school since they cannot afford it , or they are much older when they start school. Quit

Weather : 

Weather Liberia has two main seasons, a dry season and a wet season. During the wet season it rains a lot. There is so much rain that it even damages the dirt roads. During the dry season it gets very hot and there is no rain. The humidity is very high in Liberia which makes it very sticky and feel even hotter. Quit

The Streets : 

The Streets The few streets that there are in Liberia are beat up from the rainy season. There are many potholes and puddles that are very big. There are even some hills that are so steep that cars need to be pushed up them. Along the streets people walk many miles to get food. In the areas that are more like cities there are people lined up along the sides selling many different things like food, clothing, knick knacks, etc. Quit

Buildings : 

Buildings Some of the buildings in Liberia are not very sturdy; and many of the bigger buildings that are sturdy are vacant because of the 14 year civil war in Liberia. Many of the bigger buildings have bullet holes in them and look destroyed. Some are over taken by plants and some are just black from the war. Quit

My Experience : 

My Experience I was able to go to Liberia in Nov. of 2009. It was an experience that I will never forget. The people were so happy even though they had nothing. They were so excited to see you no matter how tired or hungry they were. During my missions trip I was able to help lead a children’s program. We taught them a bible verse, some songs, and we taught them about the salvation bracelet. The kids loved every minute of it and enjoyed us being there giving them attention. Seeing how these people live was so humbling and made me very grateful. I will never forget all of those smiling faces. Quit

Misc. Pictures and dance move video… : 

Misc. Pictures and dance move video… Quit Link to Liberian dance move: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD6lDEoElHc

…Cont. Misc. Pictures : 

…Cont. Misc. Pictures Quit

Authors Page : 

Authors Page My name is Caitlin Sternik and my major is Math and my minor is elementary education. I hope to one day teach 4th grade or a grade close to that. I love kids and can’t wait to work with them everyday. Email me with any questions or concerns at… caitlin_joy16@hotmail.com. Quit

Resources : 

Resources My own personal collection of pictures http://images.google.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD6lDEoElHc Quit

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