Choosing the Right Shoes for Healthy Feet

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Heel pain in children and elders is common problem these days due to uncomfortable feet movement. To overcome this problem selection of right shoes is important.


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Choosing the Right Shoes for Healthy Feet Everyone has different shoe requirements and there is no single fit for all. Body weight biomechanics occupation shape of the feet and the surfaces you walk on are some crucial determinants of your footwear choice. If you are considering the aesthetics and pricing while buying the footwear you also have to take into count shoe features that will help you keep your feet healthy. Read further to know how… Why Do You Need The Right Shoes Besides our personal choices of shoe color and design our selection also depends on our occupation. Nurses sales persons doctors sports trainers homemakers have varying reasons and frequency of physical movement thus each person needs a specific shoe type. It is not surprising to know that ill-fitting shoes not only damage the feet but also give way to knee heel pain and back problems thus hampering the physical well-being. To ensure comfortable feet movement one should consider the following features while choosing the footwear. Low Heel Avoid wearing flat shoes if your occupation requires you to stand on your feet all day. It is preferable to buy shoes with a slight heel elevation at least by 1/4 inch. The shoe area that curves around the heel should be stiff and provide a strong arch support to prevent ankle sprains. Wearing flat shoes on a daily basis results in flat feet and other problems like tendinitis and arch pain. Shoe Uppers An upper occupies the top area of the shoe. A shoe upper should accommodate the shape of your feet and allow flexible movement. Ideally the upper material should be porous non-irritating and soft. Large Toe Box

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Buy shoes that have a large toe box with considerable wiggle space. However a large foot room is also not good as it may cause the feet to slide inside the shoes. Ideally buy shoes that have at least 1/2 inch toe room in front. It is also essential to have sufficient space above the toes to prevent the feet from rubbing against the shoes which may cause corns Shock Absorbing Good shoes provide cushioning and absorb shock in three key areas – the arch the ball where the foot rests and the heel. Besides absorbing shocks the insole material helps to relive heat and prevent spreading of infection inside the shoes. Shoe Laces Shoes with a lace or Velcro strap provide strong grip and prevent the feet from sliding inside while walking. Shoe laces also help the feet from redundant movement and provide protection from any injury. Quick Tips Right shoes for men Roomy shoes confirming with the feet shape and having ample horizontal and vertical space are ideal for men. Buy shoes that have hard sole material and a low heel. If the standing hours are too long the best option is to wear soft and supple shoes that will provide comfortable cushioning. Preferably have three to five pair of shoes which you can wear alternatively. Comfortable footwear for men are Oxford style slip-ons and low dress boots. Right shoes for women Wide heel shoes preferably with laces and a composition sole are a good option for women. The heels should be rigid padded and not more than 3/4 inch in height.

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Wear high heel footwear occasionally as such shoes often cause orthopedic problems. Toe injuries bunions hammertoes and other deformities are common foot problems caused by wearing wrong shoes and a foot specialist can provide effective treatment and remedies to correct these injuries. Avoid wearing flat or high heels frequently. Instead choose comfortable sneakers or walking pumps. Many fashionable designs are available in the market having wide toe box with comfortable heels and a soft cushioning. Right shoes for Children Soft and roomy shoes like sneakers are perfect for children. The toe box should provide sufficient wiggle space and the footwear should have some extra length to accommodate the growing feet. Measure foot size of both the feet while buying new shoes. Make the child walk with the new pair of shoes to ensure comfort. Check for pressure spots or signs of irritation. Heel pain in children is common these days. Shoes for children should have a firm heel made of stiff material with sufficient cushioning and a supporting arch. Don’t force the child to wear the shoes and also ensure that the footwear is not loose to slip inside while walking. Right Shoes for athletes Athletic shoes are carefully designed to provide more traction and vary in design material and weight for different types of sports. Athletic shoes must be comfortable and well-constructed to last for a considerable time. However it is necessary to discard them after their usual life. Running shoes are designed for high impact and tennis shoes for a strong support. General athletic shoes are used for cross-training purpose such as sports classes gymnasium weight lifting etc. Good quality athletic shoes are sturdy having canvas or leather uppers and firm arch support. Dedicated athletes and sports persons should wear durable footwear that are designed with high quality material. Wearing poor quality athletic shoes leads to foot injuries and consequently fatal problems like chronic ankle instability. Beyond considering the aesthetics and pricing it is also essential to choose the right shoes which are comfortable and help to maintain healthy feet. Certain

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abnormal foot conditions can be treated after proper consultation by a podiatrist. You can call a foot specialist in San Jose or a podiatrist near your location to cure your foot problem holistically. The foot doctor may suggest orthotics devices or foot inserts that help you walk at a comfortable gait.

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