Guided Notes For The Roaring Twenties

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Guided notes for "The Roaring Twenties" lecture.


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Guided Notes-"The Roaring Twenties" Essential Question: Did the 1920s signal a change in ideals for America Slide 3-5 Notes: The content for African American writers during the Harlem Renaissance focused on ______________ _______________________. After listening to "Jubilee Stomp" how does it make you feel Is it telling a story Discuss tempo in your response. Slide 8 A _____________ is a large business or organization that under the law has the rights and duties of an individual and follows a specific purpose. Based on your own experiences with corporations... 1. Detail 1 positive 1 negative experience with a corporation. Slide 9-12 Who was the first auto-manufacturer to mass produce the automobile _____________________________ What was the name of this car ________________ Summarize in 3-4 sentences how mass-production and the assembly line changed jobs in America factor in wage types education/training management Slide 13-15 What was the amount in Advertising spending in... 1922: ____________________ 1929:_____________________ Women proved to be a _________ increase in the American workforce throughout the 1920s.

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