economic implications of hurricane katrina

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The Economic Implications of Hurricane Katrina : 

The Economic Implications of Hurricane Katrina By Amy McLeod, Andrew Welch and Stephanie Baines

Youtube Video : 

Youtube Video “Hurricane Katrina: Shrimpers of Waveland” Other videos were more general about the loss Tells the stories of 3 shrimp fishermen in Mississippi and how they were affected Video is more personal because it is not professionally done

Government Website : 

Government Website Comparison of affects on United States as a whole vs. the areas of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama Discusses many aspects of economic implications as opposed to only a couple aspects Explained how small trade businesses were affected

Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal Article : 

Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal Article Describes different aspects of economic impact Environmental vulnerability of certain areas Ports and infrastructure, job loss, fishing, etc. Also discussed some social impacts as well

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