Henry and Inez Casolani - Monument of Perseverance


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Henry and Inez Casolani

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A Model for Married Couples

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"Marriage is a ‘Sacramentum Magnum’, or as St. Paul called it, ‘Great Sacrament’...

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...How can it be otherwise when we recall that Our Lord Jesus Christ blessed it with His own presence at Cana!" Inez Casolani

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"Henry and Inez Casolani were an exemplary couple united in mutual love and respect...

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...They spoke about one another lovingly and enthusiastically.” Bishop George Frendo OP

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"I suggest that under no circumstances must divorce be tolerated,...

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...especially when children under age are concerned.” Henry Casolani

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“Together, Henry and Inez Casolani, set a perfect example of perseverance in marriage.” Manuel Falzon

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“Work, patience, love and religion constitute the virtues of a father!” Inez Casolani

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“Mr. Casolani’s heart's desire was always to make his wife and daughter happy.” Water colour by Henry Casolani Alda Lydia Libreri

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Archbishop Mgr. Paul Cremona OP “I was touched by the gentle love they had for each other.”

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"We promised to love and to be faithful to each other for better and for worse...

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...We promised this in the presence of God and we should honour this vow at all times." Inez Casolani

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“Henry and Inez Casolani's steadfast faith - their love for God and their strong religious feelings shone through...

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...All who came in contact with them could not help being influenced and enhanced by them.” Mary Rose Cachia

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"A father’s heart is a deep ocean of love.” Inez Casolani

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"A couple like Henry and Inez impress one and all. They are a strong challenge to the modern man." Mgr. Lawrence Gatt

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“May all families imitate Henry and Inez Casolani.” Jessie Cutajar

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