The seven ages

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it is the extract from william shakespeare


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The seven ages by –William Shakespeare:

The seven ages by –William Shakespeare Made by - Praveen

The seven ages :

The seven ages The seven ages is an extract from William Shakespeare . In, it the poet compares human life to stage of a drama theater and human begins as actor on it. Their ‘births’ are ‘entrance’ and ‘deaths’ are ‘exit'. they play seven different parts of life. Then they ‘exit’ after the seventh stage, bringing an end to this strange and eventful life….

The world:

According to the poet the world is a stage of a drama theater human begins are actor on it. Their ‘births’ are ‘entrance’ and ‘deaths’ are ‘exit'. they die after their final and last stage the seventh stage. The world

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Human life

First stage:

First stage is of man as an infant. In this stage he was crying and vomiting in the arms of nurse. First stage

Second stage:

Soon he starts going to school unwillingly .He doesn't want to go to school but still his parents force him to go to school so he come to school like a snail. Second stage

Third stage:

The third role he plays as lover .in this stage he sighs like a furnace and sings some woeful ballads. Dedicating to his beloved Third stage

Fourth stage :

The fourth is of a soldier. In it he sports a beardlike that of a leopard. He is quick tempered in matter of honour. He seeks reputation even at the risk of his life. However his reputation is hollow and temporary like a bubble. Fourth stage

Fifth stage:

Fifth stage The fifth stage begins when he become a judge. His body becomes fat chicken .His eye are now harsh looking. He becomes strict in his behavior . He uses many instances and sayings to support his arguments of wisdom.

Sixth stage:

In this stage a person become old wearing a pat loon .his strong voice changes into a weak voice he has spectacles on his nose. Sixth stage

Seventh stage :

Seventh stage In this stage a person was extremely old he become oblivious and he was depended on other for his work.

My views for the poem :

My views for the poem I like this poem a lot because this is different from other poems because this deals with human life. This is really a good poem because in this poem William Shakespeare has divided the life into seven stages .My favorite stage was the stage when he doesn’t want to go to school but his elders force him to go to school. I love his childish act , he creep like a snail and think that this will make him spent less time at school .He wants to be in is home and just play . My wish is also just like him.

William Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare William Shakespeare (26 April 1564-23 April 1616) was an English poet and English playwright widely regarded as greatest writer in English language and worlds pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet

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