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The world of autism - where nothing is ever quite what it seems.


By: Mcmaddy (137 month(s) ago)

Hopefully that will be a great eye opener for a great many people. Best wishes

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Tales fromChristopher's Castle : 

Tales fromChristopher's Castle It’s a weird world Copyright Stella Waterhouse www.positiveapproaches2asd.com

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Christopher lives in a WEIRD WORLD Where nothing is what it seems It’s the sort of place you visit In your weirdest, wildest dreams

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His ears scoop up sounds - even ones he’d like to ignore. So he sticks his fingers in his ears For the noises make them sore.

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Some of the noises are magnified As clear as to a bat He hears a rumble of thunder But it’s just a purring cat

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He won’t go in the garden It’s too noisy - day or night As the birds, butterflies and bees Go rattling past in flight

Slide 6: 

The lovely gurgling stream you hear Is an army fighting a war

Slide 7: 

And even the quietest whisper Sounds loud as a lion’s roar

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BUT - when Christopher’s in his castle All the bells could ring And the mountains could come tumbling down And he wouldn’t hear a thing

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Sometimes his eyes go weird They play all sorts of tricks A leaf looks like a tree and That pencil’s thick as a stick

And the hair on your head Is like a bowlful of spaghetti : 

And the hair on your head Is like a bowlful of spaghetti

Slide 11: 

And teeny weeny bits of dust Look like pieces of c o n f e t t i

Slide 12: 

Chris cannot do up his laces They blur and wiggle and squirm

Slide 13: 

And every time he catches one It wriggles away like a worm

Slide 14: 

Auntie Jane and her family Came round for Sunday tea Jennifer, Peter and Uncle Fred And their scruffy dog called Gee. Sitting at the dining table They’re all eating their lunch But Chris cannot eat his food He’s only aware of the MUnCH

Slide 15: 

‘Don’t you worry about a thing’, Said Mr Carruthers to Mum ‘I’ll keep my eye on Christopher And make sure that nothing’s wrong’.

Slide 16: 

‘Oh yuck! His eye on me’, thought Chris, ‘Whatever shall I do Why can’t he keep his eyeballs in Perhaps he needs some glue’.

Slide 17: 

Chris lives inside a puzzle Life’s a very frightening game People’s faces go blank sometimes So everyone looks the same

Slide 18: 

He’s looking for a sign To tell him who is who, A beard, a mole, an earring, A scar or a tattoo,

Slide 19: 

A familiar perfume Or a dark bushy beard Now Mummy’s had her hair done And everything is weird

Slide 20: 

He remembers the shape Of her long black curly hair But now it’s gone – it’s turned quite blonde And mummy is NOT THERE I’m sorry Mrs Jones – Chris won’t go home with you until you show him two forms of ID

Slide 21: 

Mum baked a lovely marble cake She offered Chris a piece But Chris refused, because he thought The marbles might break his teeth.

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For more details of the sensory differences that affect some people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders please see: www.positiveapproaches2asd.com

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With thanks to: Kate Vargues for the pictures Sounds from: www.grsites.com www.pacdv.com Animations from: www.animationlibrary.com www.gifanimations,com/imagelinking.jsp www.free-animations.co.uk

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