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Welcome to dynasty Business Apprenticeship Professional INSTITUTE:

Welcome to dynasty Business Apprenticeship Professional INSTITUTE Marketing for Youth Session 1 Introduction –Target Marketing

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Objective: To equip the Young student with the necessary tools to develop a marketing plan to complement their business plan and to implement that plan in pursuit of their chosen business. Duration: The session shall take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Navigation: Please review the navigation information on the next slide since it is extremely important to know how to move around the course. Again Welcome


There are three navigational features on each slide and they can be found by passing your arrow over the lower left segment of the slide. Forward arrow – Advances to the next slide Back Arrow – Goes back to the previous slide Pause - Allows you to either pause the slide or play it forward again Selection- Allows you to select which slide you want to go to Navigation


All source material for the course is taken from The Money Instructor . Dynasty acknowledges their lawful ownership. Since we are a non-profit entity this material will be used like a textbook and it’s content will be taught by a certified BAPI instructor. None of the material will be resold for profit. SOURCE MATERIAL


TARGET MARKETING STRATEGY Marketing Campaign and Strategy Develop a marketing strategy that will carry your message to the streets and support your sales team�s selling efforts. An effective marketing campaign both brings leads and enables your sales representatives to sell to more qualified leads proactively. Sit down and determine the message that will bring the biggest impact to your target customers, and develop an effective, long-term marketing campaign that will carry that message to the marketplace.


TARGET MARKETING STRATEGY Identifying Competitors Once you have identified your target market, then you need to understand who your competitors are. The more knowledge you have about your competitors, the more equipped you will be to market and sell your services effectively to their clients. The knowledge you have about your competitors and how you use that knowledge will be either to your advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you market your services.


TARGET MARKETING STRATEGY Advertising Avenues The key to telling your story in the marketplace is to advertise effectively. Conduct necessary research to ascertain where your customers are reading about the latest trends in the marketplace, and ensure your advertising methods meet your customers where they are. Direct mail, in-home marketing, fax blasts, email marketing, trade magazine advertising, Social media, radio, TV, collateral pieces, and trade shows are some of the many examples that companies can use to advertise themselves effectively.


TARGET MARKETING STRATEGY Product Knowledge Understanding your own products and the value they bring to the marketplace is critical to developing effective marketing practices. Your product line is your best offense when facing your competition, so it is critical that your marketing department positions your products to their best selling advantage. Your marketing department needs to make sure that the key benefits of your product or service line are well-known to the sales department, and that they are the focus of all marketing campaigns.


TARGET MARKETING STRATEGY Overall Target marketing means simply to identify the marketplace in which you can sell most effectively, and develop key marketing campaigns and strategies to tell your story while effectively supporting the sales team.

CONGRATULATION !!! You have completed the course:

CONGRATULATION !!! You have completed the course Please proceed to the website . Click on “office/ Course completion form, and complete the form. You will need : User: Dynasty PW: success

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