Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends you should follow in 2019

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Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends 2019 for business which you should follow to accelerate your business growth.


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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends 2019 For Businesses

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Digital marketing has continuously emerged to fulfill audience expectations. Today with technology evolutions and enhancement the marketing field has faced a drastic change over in it. Most of the business people and marketers are keep updating them with the latest digital marketing trends to stand out in the competition. But Still some of them are still spinning in the outdated marketing strategies then it will lead them to fall in the game.

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If you wanna stay in the line of competition then you must make use of the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing for your business. It helps to wow your audience base without any disappointment. 2019 Digital marketing trends will be going to rule the marketing world. So dont ignore it. Here are the top 7 digital marketing trends that you should follow in 2019

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Artificial Intelligence: Presently AI is playing a key role in our daily life and For example cars are programmed to be driven automatically themselves without human interaction watches can track human body calories and so on. AI has the ability to predict the consumers move - like reading minds It is remarkably helpful to us and importantly makes our jobs much easier through sensing us or human input.

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In digital marketing AI works on segmenting the audience retargeting Push notification customer service and Now It’s creating content. Presently AI is used mostly to identify the latest trends collecting data and do competitor research. In the future AI will be applied in paid advertising which buys the advertsing space and using the collected data determines which audience to be targeted by the ad. By adopting AI on business 2019 will be able to save their cost and energy and heads up their business in this competitive field.

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Chatbots: A chatbot is a virtual assistant which communicates with the users and guide them to accomplish their task. It interacts with the user via auditory or textual methods. Nowadays Chatbots are used in many places like business website Mobile applications and social media. Let us see the list of chatbots benefits

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1. 247 services 2. Instantly respond to the query 3. Better customer experience 4. Lead qualification 5. Answer to a simple and complex question 6. Easy communication 7. Quick results AI chatbots can leverage the businesses in getting greater visitors and move them to make a purchase.

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Personalization: Personalization is the key to taking customer experience to the next level. Because every customer wants to feel like they are very important. By personalizing their marketing will turn them from quality leads to sales. It brings a lot of benefits to the business. They are

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1. Improves brand credibility 2. Better customer experience 3. Increase in sales 4. Maintain brand consistency Personalization is the best tool for conversation rate optimization across every marketing channel. The reason is people are loving to know that are specially recognized by their favorite brand.

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Peoples are too clever that we can’t gain their attention by promoting an ad and catchy lines. So we make them feel special by sending personalized product recommendations social media messages video messages and digital advertising. Those actions on personalization will help the business people to remarket their business product/services and improve their sales.

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Video Marketing: A totally 75 of people are engaging with videos in the platform like YouTube Amazon Prime Video Facebook video and so on. This makes the marketer job easier to promote a business. Keep in mind that the general audience wants a good video which contains entertainment and informative. Try to make a video in that format to gain the audience attention. Let’s have a look at the different ways of video making to market a business

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1. Create how-to videos 2. Customer’s review video 3. Company brand videos 4. Event videos 5. Explainer videos 6. Testimonial videos 7. Launch videos 8. Behind the scenes video Surely Video marketing helps to reach out your business brand to a wider audience and creates a lot for your business.

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Voice search: Internet evolution has touched a new peak with the boom in various gadgets Due to this changes many consumers started to buy the things what they need in online. Growth of technology in today’s world makes customers lazy. If they want to search for anything on a search engine they go for voice search instead of typing the query in search engine.

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72 of people are making their search using voice search as part of their daily routine. So Business peoples make changes in the website for voice search leads to grabbing the potential customer to find and make a purchase of your product/services. Voice optimization is a creative platform for effective communication with consumers. Business people utilize this optimization technique to spot up their business in the top funnel.

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How does it work Search your query on search engine using your voice via various gadgets like smartphone laptopetc.. Search Engine translates the user voice into text then it understands the query and fetches the relevant data in SERPs. So Effectively implement the voice search optimization on the website and brings benefits towards your business. Take into an account that people are likely to make a search using voice rather than text.

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Final Note: If you are wishing to implement these digital marketing trends on your business then one thing is sure that you’re going to gain more and more consumers for your business and increase your business sales. It’s very essential to update with the latest trends in the industry it matters a lot. Yes Stay focused on the industry to step ahead of your business in the competitive business world.

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