Amazing Facts About SEO

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Here, You can get some interesting facts about SEO that you should know about it to enhance your business to the next level.


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Amazing Facts About SEO

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Search Engine Optimizations Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the best ways to develop your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With millions of business people out there Everyone drive for the same eyeballs. So its more important to advertise your business online to stand out. Search Engine Optimization is the most prominent way to promote your products/services and strengthen your business. In this article youll get an overview of search engine optimization basics as well as its amazing facts. 2

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Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing a business website to increase website visibility organic heavy traffic and business sales. The biggest strength of SEO is optimized website results stay for long-term in SERPs. But keep in mind that it will not happen at one night It takes some time for ranking on various search engines. Organic SEO results drive more traffic which leads the consumers to visit the website and tend to buy the business product/services. 3

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No other digital marketing services can do this that is why search engine optimization is so effective and such an amazingly powerful way to enhance your business. There are four main types of SEO which are all helps to earn greater visibility for the business website. Okay let’s move to know about it 4

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Amazing facts of SEO: The subsequent boom of the internet has made tremendous changes all over the world. Search engine plays a crucial role in filtering irrelevant information and provide pertinent information for the user. Lets see quite interesting facts about SEO 5

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Fact 1: According to the survey the top results on SERPs can get 70 of user clicks and it will lead to gain more organic traffic towards the business website. SEO services will helps to bring the 1 position on search engine result pagesSERPs. By encountering on-page and off-page SEO in a business website will deliver an organic result which stays for long-term. 6

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Fact 2: Presently Moblie devices play a major role in normal life. Most of the people make use of their mobile for their daily purchase share their feelings on social mediums and finding the solution for their problem instantly. From this we can get the mobile search has been growing exponentially. So It’s more important to optimize the website in a mobile-responsive manner to increase the website traffic. 7

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Fact 3: Link building is one of the main tasks in SEO Practices. Because a number of quality backlinks will create a good perception of the vast area of digital marketing. Link building involves various process they are Blogging Guest posting Forum and community participation QA participation Bookmarking Directory submission Business Profile creation etc Each process will help to boost the ranking on various search engines. 8

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Fact 4: The most important process in SEO is keyword research. It’s is a difficult process to find the user searchable keyword appropriately. To make this process easier refer the competitors to get the potential keyword. Focusing on the targeted keyword will drive more organic result for the business. 9

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Fact 5: Video marketing does a lot of benefits for business. Creating a video is not just enough to optimize it properly under the guidelines of SEO to outreach it widely. One more thing Having a useful video on the landing page will double your chance to attain a better ranking on Search engine 1 page. 10

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Fact 6: Another fact about content marketing 53 of online marketers consider content creation as the single most effective SEO strategy. This is also the reason why most e-commerce websites also have blogs to start with. If you want to implement the amazing Search Engine Optimization facts in your business approach SEO Warriors. 11

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About SEO Warriors SEO Warriors - Leading Digital Marketing Agency in the world. We provide complete SEO services to enhance the business to the next level. We are very successful in the past ten years having 100+ clients all over the world. We provide end-to-end digital marketing services by providing unique marketing strategies to fulfill our client’s goals. We constantly innovate our work to bring 100 proven results. 12

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