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Warehouse storage racking plays an significant role in the current logistics industry. With accurate racking system, warehouse can build full and well-organized use of space to achieve the transformation of organization.


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Slide 1: Introducing Steelfur System Pvt. Ltd.

Slide 2: Who WE ARE... We are an ISO-9001:2015 Certified Company devoted to provide well-designed & engineered & Storage and Display Solutions to our esteemed customers along with prompt after sales services . We are a privately owned company having major manufacturing facilities under one roof at Vadodara having Factory area approx 1,25,000 Sq.ft . We have developed our own standards to achieve the best quality at most competitive prices. We have a wide range of products and we are in constant watch to introduce new and innovative products in our manufacturing.

Slide 3: How Important Are Warehouse Racking Systems

Slide 4:

Slide 5: For almost any warehouse, racking systems are a brilliant solution when it comes to organizing space. The benefits of installing proper shelving system are many. To begin with, the right shelving system creates extra space in every warehouse and if used properly, the shelving system helps avoid clutter. In terms of cost, shelving or racking systems are a less expensive way of creating more free space in a warehouse.

Slide 6: From Heavy-Duty To Fashionable

Slide 7: Shelving systems are also aesthetically attractive and pleasing, creating a neat and professional look. With the great choice of colors and styles of racking systems, you can significantly increase the warehouse productivity. Shelving systems also come in different types, sizes and material. They can be made from metal, wood, chrome, glass or steel, so you can install shelving system that matches your overall interior design.

Slide 8: Shelving system can easily be adjusted and removed, so it would not be a problem if you want to re-arrange your warehouse. There are many different shelving options, but the 3 main types and styles are :

Slide 9: Warehouse shelving option solutions

Slide 10: This industrial shelving is usually used for storing large number of products/items on the shelves in an easy organized and accessible shelving Melbourne system. Usually , the shelving Steelfur System Pvt. Ltd . meant for industrial purpose are made from steel as they must be strong enough to support large and heavy objects; practical to store different types of products; and easily accessible.

Slide 11: Office or home shelving

Slide 12: Shop shelving

Slide 13: Shelving/Racking System Inexpensive Solutions

Slide 14: When it comes to buying inexpensive industrial shelving solutions or racking systems, it is always wise to search online for a reliable shelving steelfur system pvt . ltd . that offers racking systems on affordable price. Just make sure you always buy from a reputable company that sells only high quality products. Only this way will you be sure that you paid for long-lasting and super durable shelving and racking systems.

Slide 15: Racking Systems And Shelving That Can Fit Any Space

Slide 16: Retail shelving/racking solutions are used mostly for practical purposes, but are also designed to look trendy to attract customers. For some businesses, the shelves are of great importance when it comes to making available products more attractive.

Slide 17: Shelving systems, when used in shops, are a great way of grouping similar products in one place to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

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