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Overview of how to use the St. Ed's OWL paper review service


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St. Edward’s University OWL:

An overview and user’s guide St. Edward’s University OWL

Who can use the OWL?:

Who can use the OWL? SEU New College students SEU graduate students What is the OWL? The OWL (Online Writing Lab) is a web-based writing support service, offering Paper review Email Q&A Writing resources

How to Submit a Paper to the OWL:

The following slides explain how to submit a paper to the OWL for feedback. How to Submit a Paper to the OWL

Step 1: Navigate to the Submission Form:

Step 1: Navigate to the Submission Form Go to In the menu at the left, click on “Submit a Paper to the OWL.”

PowerPoint Presentation:

Follow the link to read the OWL policies. Click on “Click here to go to the submission form.” When prompted, log on using your SEU username and password.

Step 2: Complete the Submission Form :

Step 2: Complete the Submission Form Fields with a red asterisk are required. Be sure to accurately indicate your student status (graduate or New College).

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Your professor’s name is required. If you would your professor to know that you used the OWL, paste his or her email address in the “Notify Professor” box. An automated email including your name, course, and paper title will be sent.

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Include lots of information about your assignment so we can assess your response to it. Use the drop-down menu to indicate which style and documentation system you are using. Let us know what you’d like help with. However, we will focus on the most important issues first.

Step 3: Upload Your Paper:

Step 3: Upload Your Paper Make sure your file name doesn't include special characters like #, %, or *. Only .doc and .docx files are allowed.

Step 4: Receive Your Feedback:

Step 4: Receive Your Feedback You’ll receive an automated email to your SEU email account saying that your feedback is ready. This usually happens within 48 to 72 hours (excluding university holidays and posted schedule exceptions).

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Click on the link in the email to return to the OWL site. Click on the Attachment file to download your paper.

Step 4: Review the Comments:

Step 4: Review the Comments You will see two types of comments: Comments in “balloons” throughout the right-hand margin Global notes in a paragraph at the end of your paper

Step 5: Ask follow-up questions:

Step 5: Ask follow-up questions You can also email us at .

Step 6: Revise:

Step 6: Revise Use the comments to help you revise. Remember the following: We don’t proofread or edit, but we do make suggestions and identify patterns of error. Often, our comments on one part of the paper can be applied to other parts, as well. Most of our comments require decision-making on your part. You are solely responsible for your paper.

Submission Tips:

Submission Tips Complete the submission form clearly and thoroughly. Be sure to allow time for us to review your paper (48 to 72 hours) and for you to consider our comments and make revisions. You may submit an unfinished draft, but just let us know what part(s) you’re still working on. If your document is longer than 30 pages, let us know which 30 pages to review.

OWL Policies:

OWL Policies We can usually only review one draft per paper. We can review up to two 30-page submissions per student per week. Our feedback is confidential; however, we reserve the right to notify instructors of plagiarism. Read the complete policies at http:// .

OWL Resources:

See our website for these additional resources on many writing topics: PDF handouts Presentations (click-through or download) Links OWL Resources

PowerPoint Presentation:

Questions? Email the OWL: Call the OWL: (512) 464-8839

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