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Basics of formatting a paper and documenting sources in APA style (6th ed.)


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APA Boot Camp:

APA Boot Camp A Style and Formatting Crash Course © St. Edward’s University OWL, Spring 2012 http://think.stedwards.edu/academicsuccess/owl

Why Use APA?:

Why Use APA? Because APA document format and citation style is the standard for papers and articles in the fields of science and business. emphasizes up-to-date research by highlighting publication dates of sources. allows other researchers to find your sources easily.

Document Format:

Document Format (That is, setting your paper up so it looks professional)

Major Elements of an APA Document:

Major Elements of an APA Document Title page Abstract Body of paper References page

Formatting Your Paper:

1-inch margins Times New Roman, 12 pt. Double spacing Left-aligned First lines of paragraphs indented (except for the abstract) Page numbers at top right Running head at top left in all caps Formatting Your Paper

Creating the Running Head:

Creating the Running Head The running head appears at the top of every page of the document includes the title of your paper, shortened if needed for a max of 50 characters It looks like this on the title page and like this on all subsequent pages

Creating the Title Page:

Creating the Title Page Center (both vertically and horizontally) the following information on page 1 of the document: No bold, ital, underline, fancy font, etc.!

Creating the Abstract:

Creating the Abstract An abstract is a one-paragraph summary of the entire paper. Careful! An abstract is not an introduction. Write your abstract when the paper is complete. Use the heading "Abstract." Do not indent the first line of the abstract. No bold, ital, underline, fancy onts, etc.!

Formatting and Structuring the Body of the Paper:

Formatting and Structuring the Body of the Paper Repeat the title, centered, above the first paragraph. Begin with an introduction of background information building up to a thesis statement or research question. Use headings to identify the sections of your paper. End with a conclusion.

Levels of Headings:

Levels of Headings APA encourages headings to identify the sections of the paper. APA allows five levels of headings, but you'll need only one or two for most papers. The title of the paper does not count as a heading level. Format the headings like this:


Style (That is, the distinctive manner of the writing)

PowerPoint Presentation:

Use a formal, academic, objective tone. Avoid figurative language. Use the active, not passive, voice. Support ideas with research. Use direct quotes sparingly. Clarity counts! Points of Style

Citation and Documentation:

Citation and Documentation (The method of giving credit to your sources)

In-Text Citations:

In-Text Citations Include an in-text citation (or the required information in the sentence itself) each time you paraphrase summarize quote directly The goal, always, is clarity.

PowerPoint Presentation:

For paraphrases, include author and date. When citing a source with more than one author in text, use “&” inside parentheses, but spell out “and” outside of parentheses.

PowerPoint Presentation:

For direct quotations, add the page or paragraph number:

The References Page:

The References Page Formatting the References page: Begin on a new page. Center the title “References” (with no formatting) at the top of the page. Include a full citation for each source cited in the text of your paper. Format each entry with hanging indent. No bold, italics, or underline!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Basic format for periodicals: Use sentence-style caps for book and article titles in the reference list. Don’t use quotation marks around article titles in the reference list. Include the URL for the homepage of online newspapers, journals, and magazines. For a source that is difficult to find via a search from its homepage, include a direct URL.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Basic format for books: Chapter in a book:

PowerPoint Presentation:

Basic format for websites: When an organization is the author:

PowerPoint Presentation:

For all source types: Include as much information as possible. Don't panic about what's not there. Use common sense. Be clear.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Questions? Email the OWL: owl@stedwards.edu Upload a paper to the OWL (SEU New College and grad students only) See these handouts: Integrating Sources , APA Checklist See this list of more APA resources on the web

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