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Are you looking for quick, pain-free laser hair removal in Ottawa? Give us a call right away for scheduled a laser hair removal treatment by experts in Ottawa.


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Stayfit Physio and Spinal Decompression centre, a unique facility that offers both Healthcare and Medical Aesthetic Services under one roof. STAYFIT PHYSIO AND SPINAL DECOMPRESSION CENTRE STAYFITPHYSIO.CA

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We are a unique facility in Ottawa, providing a blend of Healthcare and laser hair removal services all in one spot in Ottawa. We are committed to providing ethical, honest, and client-centered services to our people. Our goal is to make our clients feel satisfied and cared for when they leave. Our clients are “our family” at work.

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We work as a multidisciplinary team to address your issues using a holistic approach to achieve overall well being. Our services are provided in private rooms on a one to one interaction with the practitioner to ensure a complete understanding of your problems.

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LASER HAIR REMOVAL OTTAWA IPL hair removal treatments are a simple 2 step process. Light is used gently to remove/reduce the unwanted hair for long-lasting results. The light targets the pigment in the hair follicle in its active cycle and a fraction of second, all of the treated growing hair follicles are destroyed so that no more hair are produced.

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TREATMENT AREAS CAN BE CLASSIFIED INTO- XS- chin, ears, upper lip, areola, nose Small- cheeks, feet, hands, front/back of neck, sideburns, stomach line, underarms Medium- bikini, gluteus folds, half face, shoulders, half arm Large- brazilian, abdomen, chest, full face and neck, inner thighs, low back, upper back, lower legs, thighs, full arms XL areas- chest and abdomen, full back, full legs

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LET’S STAY IN TOUCH Address: 1580 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON K2G 4B5, Canada Phone number: (613) 225-8956 Fax number: (613) 225-5656 Email address: Clinic hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm Saturday 9am – 5pm (By Appointments only) Website:

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