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Statworkz supports PhD research students through its range of statistical services, including help in data collection, analysis and interpretation. The company also provides consulting services regarding research methodology selection. Its professional statisticians guide students about selecting relevant statistical tools and tests in accordance with their studies. Statworkz uses latest software to make projects plagiarism-free.


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Introduction We provide statistical research support to students in times of need while pursuing their research work with the help of our excellent team of statisticians. We provide research assistance to both qualitative and quantitative assignments and as per requirement of the research the tools necessary for statistical analysis are used.

Our services:

Our services Assistance in writing dissertation proposal Assistance in designing research methodology Help in collection of data Help in preparing the questionnaire for data collection Help in analyzing data by the use of statistical tools like SPSS, AMOS etc. Writing the chapter on result of research

Writing dissertation proposal:

Writing dissertation proposal Proposal writing before starting to work on any dissertation topic is one of the most important factor because on the basis of the proposal the topic of research gets approved. We provide assistance by helping the student in collecting data, designing research methodology and in deciding upon the statistical tool that would be employed in the work.

Methodology of research:

Methodology of research Choosing the right methodology for carrying out the research work is an integral part of thesis writing because on it depends the appropriateness of any thesis work. For this reason, our expert consultants guide students in choosing the right methodology needed for a particular research work.

Guidance in methodology:

Guidance in methodology Our expert consultants first take a close look on the research topic chosen by the students and then through discussion understands the integrities of the research. After this we update students regarding the best methodologies available. The methodologies are then tested and the best one is chosen for research.

Data Analysis:

Data Analysis Data analysis is a critical part of any research work. This is because before analysis data appropriate data necessary for the research work becomes important. After collecting data we discuss with experts who help us in choosing the right methodology necessary for a particular research topic.

Dissertation statistics:

Dissertation statistics Our team of expert statisticians helps in designing research methodology and in analyzing data. For designing research, we provide help in the following way: Deciding upon the requirement of data Framing questionnaire Choosing the right source of data Choosing the correct method of collecting data

Dissertation stataistics:

Dissertation stataistics After collection of appropriate data, the next step is analyzing it and drawing the correct conclusion. For analyzing data, we provide the following guidance: Deciding upon the correct methodology for analyzing data Applying the tool Preparing the result

Contact us:

Contact us Mailing Address  : STATWORKZ Suite 702, 90,StateStreet, Albany, NY, 12207 United States Email Us: contact@statworkz.com Web-: www.statworkz.com Call Us: (718) 878-5831

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