Backwater Tours of Kerala on a Houseboat


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Kerala, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, owns a rich collection of scenic attractions starting from beaches, hills, tea and coffee plantations to the mysterious backwaters.


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Explore the Mesmerizing Backwater Tours of Kerala on a Houseboat Cruise Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in India owns a rich collection of scenic attractions starting from beaches hills tea and coffee plantations to the mysterious backwaters. Out of all these natural wonders what grabs the attention of travelers the most are the backwaters. A cruise through this network of canals lagoons and beaches takes you into a world of its own completely untouched by urban influences. Houseboat cruising is considered an ideal way to unfold the real beauty that lies hidden in the remote regions of these backwaters. Kerala Backwater Tours offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore this natural wealth of Kerala.

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Also known as Kettuvelams these houseboats are equipped with luxury facilities to let the tourists feel comfortable during the entire cruise. Traverse the backwaters of Kerala in Houseboats to get a better view of the flora and fauna which includes many exotic species of birds and plants. The chirping of birds coupled with the tranquil feel of the canals and lagoons infuses the surroundings with a serenity that is hard to find at any other place in Southern India. The quiet atmosphere at these backwaters makes for a perfect option for newly-weds and for those who wish to take a break from the maddening city life. Kerala Houseboat Tours take you through the bewitching backwaters of Alleppey Kollam Cochin and Kumarakom. You have an option to choose a houseboat of any shape or size depending on your needs. Initially these houseboats were used primarily for transportation of goods but as newer ways of transportation got invented these large boats began to function as tourist attractions and today they have become a preferred way of touring the pictursque Kerala Backwater Tours. To cater to the needs of travelers the houseboats underwent many renovations to offer the highest level of comfort to the tourists. Each of these houseboats has a separate kitchen and lounge area with huge windows to take in the views of the outsides while relishing the sumptuous seafood. These houseboats are well connected by a network of boats to explore the rustic life of tribal residing in the remote areas close to the backwaters. Stopping at these tiny villages proves to be a life changing experience as one gets to witness authentic tribal life with no trace of technology or other distractions. The simple way of living practiced by the tribal folks makes you forget about all worldly pleasures for a moment.

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The tour also includes water sports activities like kayaking snorkeling bamboo rafting and banana boat rides which are bound to fill your senses with thrill and excitement. Kerala Backwater Tours is meticulously planned by experts with trained professionals at your dispense to guide you in case you need any kind of help during the trip. The boats stop at many junctions during the cruise to acquaint the guests with the prominent tourist spots lying close to the backwaters. You will also come across many bird sanctuaries and nature reserves where you get to spot some rare species of birds including many exotic flowers and plant species. Kerala Backwater Tours are the best option for those looking to spend some quiet moments away from the crowded cities. The abundant nature found here guarantees to rejuvenate both your mind and body. Some of the houseboats also include “Ayurvedic spa therapies ” to banish tiredness and energizes you so you are able to enjoy the cruise in the best way possible. Capture the sunsets along with the spellbinding views of coconut and palm trees lining the beaches and wallow in the effervescence of calm waters and greenery for an unforgettable experience of the gorgeous backwaters of Kerala. Also Read:  Into the Deep Blue: Scuba dive at Havelock in Andaman Islands.  10 Most Famous Tourist Destinations in India – State Express.

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