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Exalted for its unique medley of religions, cultures and ethnicities, India is sprinkled with a remarkable variety of tourist attractions in Central India tucked in its different parts. When talking about uncovering the history of this magical country, no other place fits the bill as perfectly as the Central part of India. Read here:


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Top 10 Places to Visit in Central India Exalted for its unique medley of religions, cultures and ethnicities, India is sprinkled with a remarkable variety of  tourist attractions in Central India tucked in its different parts. When talking about uncovering the history of this magical country, no other place fits the bill as perfectly as the Central part of India. Also known as the ‘heart of India’, Central India consists of the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh which are famous for their distinct landscape and an extraordinary cultural set up. Touring these two states would bring you closer to the real India hidden in their remotest regions. If you wish to dive into the history of India, we recommend you to visit these places featuring in  Central India tour package  for a culturally rewarding holiday experience.

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Khajuraho Temples temple walls grab a lot of attention from the visitors. If you wish to capture the essence of this beautiful place, visiting the temples during the  famous Khajuraho dance festival  is highly recommended. Many  travel companies in India  offer special  tours to Khajuraho  during the festival. The  temples of Khajuraho  in Madhya Pradesh have remained a subject of great interest since time immemorial. These temples are famous around the world for the exquisite artwork comprising of sculptures depicting the spiritual teachings, kinship and royal legacy of the Chandela dynasty. The stunning sculptures of dancers engraved on some of the

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Pachmarhi The solitary  hill station in Madhya Pradesh , Pachmarhhi welcomes you with scenic vistas of mountains, waterfalls, valleys and forests. Situated amidst the Satpura range, this hill station offers endless opportunities to relax amidst its serene surroundings. Apart from the distinct variety of wild plants and animals found in the forests of Pachmarrhi , another thing that appeals to the visitors is the famous cave shelters at  Mahadeo hills in Pachmarhhi .

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Hampi Ruins Hampi is a dream destination for archaeologists and history aficionados and is one of the best  historical places to visit in India . This heritage city is dotted with an infinite number of historical monuments, rocks and huge boulders which give a dated look to this place. Visiting Hampi takes you back to the era of Vijayanagar Empire. Exploring the city on a bicycle is the best way to come close to the origin of The artistic temples and monuments most of which now lie in a ruined state. Strolling at the local bazaar lets you unearth the age old art and craft belonging to the Vijayanagar dynasty.

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Hyderabad The city of pearls is a must visit destination on your  India tours  for an insight into the history and culture associated with this part of India. This capital of Andhra Pradesh intelligently interweaves the modern city life with the charm of the yesteryears present in the form of ancient palaces and forts like the Golconda fort, Charminar and Chawmohalla Palace are  most famous monuments of Hyderabad . The bustling ancient markets in the Old city is a paradise for those interested in buying antique jewelry and Muslim art and craft items including the chikankari embroidered outfits.

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Gwalior Gwalior city is dotted with terrific palaces, forts and temples which exemplify the  rich cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh . The city has witnessed the dominion of several Rajputana rulers who settled in Gwalior and built many forts and palaces during their rule. Before independence, Gwalior enjoyed the status of a princely city during the British Raj which adds to the historic appeal of this city. Among its most notable heritage buildings and  places to Visit in Gwalior  are Gwalior fort, Jai Vilas Palace and Man Singh Palace.

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Bandhavgarh Wildlife Sanctuary A popular retreat for wildlife lovers located on the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh,  Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary  houses a rich collection of wild animals and bird’s species residing in the forests spread over 450 sq. km of land. The sanctuary is famous for its tiger reserve that houses the endangered white tigers. The sanctuary is also famous for its varied flora and fauna consisting of tall sea grass and sai trees which dominate most of the land under the sanctuary.  Bandhavgarh fort  located at the innermost regions of the sanctuary is yet another attraction that pulls in a large number of tourists to the forests of Bandhavgarh that is a most valuable part of  Jungle Safari Tour .

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Kanha National Park The dark forests of  Kanya National Park  are beaming with endless opportunities to offer you an unbeatable experience of the wildlife. The popularity of this nature park is attributed to ‘ The Jungle book ‘, which is based on the booming wildlife found in forests of this nature reserve. There are about 300 species of wild animals living inside this sanctuary including leopards, Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bears, Deer’s and wild Cats. The scenic beauty of this nature park cannot be compared to the other nature reserves that exist in Madhya Pradesh.

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Raipur Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh is emerging as a favored tourist destination as it offers you a chance to get closer to the rich Indian history away from the crowds seen in most other tourist destinations. Every part of this city seems to be steeped in history and culture of the royal kingdoms that ruled this region. The breathtaking sights of the vast paddy fields found in Raipur add a hint of greenery to its otherwise dull natural landscape which again forms a wonderful contrast to the historical monuments and  temples of Raipur  visit with  reliable travel agent . Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum, Mahamaya temple and Vivekanand Sarovar are some of the places you must visit on your  trip to Chhattisgarh .

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Ujjain This holy city is one of the  seven pilgrimage points of Hindu religion  and is noted as one of the four venues of the  world famous Kumbh Mela . The city stands next to Shipra River where people belonging to Hindu religion come to take the holy bath to absolve themselves of the sins committed in past lives. The  Ujjain city  is dotted with an infinite number of Hindu and Jain temples which lend a holy atmosphere to this place. Apart from the temples, the city also gives a glimpse of history through its historical monuments like the Jantar Mantar and Kaliadeh palace. Shri Mahakaleshwar temple, Kal Bhairav temple and Chintaman temple are worth visiting to witness the prayer rituals and other traditions practiced by the Hindus.

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Orchha Orchha is another historical jewel lying in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh. The town used to be the capital of Bundela dynasty and packs a fantastic variety of ancient monuments built by Bundela rulers which offer a glimpse of the magnificent Bundela architecture. Here, you are sure to be left amazed by the bewitching beauty of the palaces that are sure to transport you into the yesteryears. The stunning architecture of Jehangir Mahal would leave you in awe of the history of the Rajput rulers. Other prominent attractions worth exploring in Orchha are Raha Mahal, Rai Praveen Mahal and Phool bagh .

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