Most Famous Buddhist Monasteries in India


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There are many Buddhist monasteries in India have gained momentum as one of the best sites of tourist interest. Some top notch Buddhist monasteries in which are worth visiting on your Buddhist tour packages Read here:


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Most Famous Buddhist Monasteries in India – Buddhist India Tour Buddhism is a thriving religion which has managed to behold the interests of people from all corners of the world. Most spiritually inclined people are drawn towards this religion due to its core principles which are based on peace, non- violence and detachment. For this reason, many travelers take huge interest in Buddhist monasteries during their travel expeditions around the world to gain an insight into the   life of Buddha . It also gives a chance to escape the brunt of modern lifestyle by spending some quiet time in tranquility of these monasteries.

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Buddhist Monasteries in India There are many  Buddhist monasteries in India   have gained momentum as one of the best sites of tourist interest. Most of these monasteries were built in discreet locations to accommodate the needs of monastic life. Each of these buildings speaks of the architectural brilliance that went into their construction in the times of Buddha. Some top notch Buddhist monasteries in which are worth visiting on your   Buddhist tour packages   are:

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Bodhimanda Bihar, Bodh Gaya Bodhimanda Bihar in Bodh Gaya is the most sacred place for Buddhists as it used to be the seat of Buddha when he gained enlightenment. Considering the relevance of this site in Buddhist religion, the monastery was converted into a  Buddhist temple  and is presently known as  Mahabodhi temple . This temple features on every   India Buddhist tour itinerary . The Bodhi tree inside the monastery is another attraction that receives a lot of attention from tourists as Lord Buddha used to meditate under this tree.

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Hemis Monastery, Ladakh Hidden behind a curtain of beaming red rocks of Ladakh,  Hemis monastery is the richest monastery in India . Built during 17th century, this monastery boasts of its pristine natural surroundings which are the most fascinating feature of this religious site of Drukpa Buddhists. It’s also a venue for the  annual Hemis festival  held in the month of June, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the people of Ladakh.

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Namgyal Monastery, Mcleodganj Namgyal monastery is the abode of Tibetan spiritual leader, The Dalai Lama, who took refuge in this part of India after escaping from Tibet during the Chinese invasion. The monastery is a part of the  Tsuglag Kang Buddhist Complex in Mcleodganj  where many Buddhist monks reside. Staying in this monastery is a great way to understand the religion and take part in the prayer ceremonies carried out but the spiritual teachers.

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Mindrolling Monastery, Dehradoon Built by Khonchen Rinpochein the nineteenth century in Clement Town of Dehradoon , Mind rolling Monastery is one of the most distinguished  Buddhist pilgrimage site in India . Spread over a large area, the monastic complex consists of a stupa and a Buddhist college where the Buddhist teachings are passed on to the younger generation. The walls of the monastery exhibit several murals and artefacts based on the  life of Buddha .

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Ghoom Monastery, Darjeeling Ghoom monastery is a revered  Buddhist attraction in Darjeeling  that receives a great number of tourists. Also known as  Yiga Choeling Monastery , it is located in Ghoom district which lies close to Darjeeling. This monastery has a fifteen feet tall statue of Lord Buddha which is named as Maitrey Buddha. There are paintings and pictures of deities belonging to the Gelupka Buddhists inside the monastery and also the bells and drums which help in retaining a tranquil atmosphere inside the monastic complex.

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Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh Located in Tawang city in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang monastery is the  second largest Buddhist monastery in Asia . Situated at a height of 10000 meters above sea level, this monastery offers mind boggling views of the valleys and mountains including the Kanchenjunga peaks. The monastery lists among the best destinations in  Buddhist India Tour  and consists of a three story assembly hall known as Dukhanga which houses several paintings, manuscripts and scriptures. There is a large image of Lord Buddha inside the monastery which garners a lot of the attention from the visitors.

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