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Are you interested in learning the Probabilistic Programming language? If so, then join Probabilistic Programming Primer. It’s a leading online hub, where learners get the opportunity to learn PPL with the help of qualified professionals who always ready to help their Students 24×7 by being online. All our coaches are certified have more than years of coaching experience.


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Privacy - Terms Learn how to enhance your modelling abilities and better communicate risk Building easy to interpret models isn’t a nice to have anymore it is the reason people pay for models in the first place

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What the pros and students are saying Peadar has turned his practical experience with Bayesian methods into a course that explains the nuts and bolts of Bayesian statistics and probabilistic programming at a good pace.PyMC3 ArviZ Osvaldo Martin - PyMC3 and ArviZ contributor Level up your Analytical/Data Science skills Check out this free screencast below. My complete self-study probabilistic programming and Bayesian Machine Learning course is trusted by members of top machine learning schools companies and organizations including Harvard Quantopian Farfetch Intercom OKCupid Mailchimp Uber Google University of Chicago and more

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From the outside information about this topic is not easy to find. If you do find something it is usually more advanced material or you need a lot of time to get through it. ... the course saved me time by slowly exposing me to problems and examples that I am able to go through in my own tempo. Having someone to ask when I get stuck is also valuable. Marko P . - Data Scientist Peadar has been producing insightful educational material on Data Science and Bayesian Stats for years. Increasingly these Bayesian methods will become important particularly in regulated sectors. Alejandro Correra Bahnsen - VP Research Im currently doing your probabilistic programming primer after recently completing a data science immersive course - and I think its brilliant. Very easy to understand thanks Justin Crowe - Data Scientist Peadar has a great deal of experience working with probabilistic programming and communicates the fundamentals of Bayesian methods extremely well. He is in an excellent position to guide people through a course like this. Eoin Hurrell - Data Scientist

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I was so impressed with the clarity of Peadars vision and writing that I included references from him in an open access online course Sport Informatics and Analytics. Professor Keith Lyons Unlike academia or blogs which focus solely on theory or application  Peadar combines both in those course to set a solid foundation for his students. With the knowledge from this course students will be empowered in Bayesian methods whether they want to read papers or start applying the methods in PyMC3 themselves Ravin Kumar - Engineer and Course student The probabilistic programming primer is an incredible course that offers a fast track to an incredibly exciting field. Peadar clearly communicates the content and combines this with practical examples which makes it very accessible for his students to get started with probabilistic programming.  Peter Verheijen - Entrepreneur and Course Student Theres an awesome course on Bayesian Stats by one of the core PyMC3 developers - you should check it out Hubert Wassner - Chief Data Scientist

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Probabilistic Programming Primer Probabilistic Programming is one of those tricky areas of Machine Learning this course will be your guide.  View course £200

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60 minute coaching session Break through your data strategy or modelling challenges with a 60 minute coaching session. View course £200 Learn more about Probabilistic Programming Join 500+ subscribers to get notified about updates launch info and special deals on my tech courses. Email Sign me up Youre signing up to receive emails from Probabilistic Programming Primer Powered by Terms Privacy

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