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Different Areas Of Application Of Pigments Pigments and its uses Dyes are widely used for colouring and they are well suited for many applications. We can see the usage of dyes everywhere it starts right from the colours on your garments to the colour in your foods. Dyes and pigments are enormously used. If we move to pigments then there are two types of pigments are very famous in the market. They are organic pigments and inorganic pigments. These two types of pigments are used in various industries for various purposes. What are pigments actually Pigments are either organic or inorganic insoluble colouring materials. We are using these pigments in the form of dispersions. If you have applied or dispersed this on the surface or media then it remains unaffected. Pigments can play different roles. The most important role is it can provide colour on any surface or for any item. Some of the important functions of pigments are as follows.  Pigments provide resistance against corrosion.  It can be crudely obliterated to any surface.  It is used for improving surface strength.  It is used for modifying flow properties.  It is used for improving durability and weathering properties.

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Difference between organic and inorganic pigments: There are different talks are doing the rounds regarding organic and inorganic pigments. We can get the evidence from the names that they are different from one another. If we take organic pigments the carbon is present in the molecular structure but if we take inorganic pigments the carbon is not present. We can see the metal cautions are found in an array with non-metal anions that are present in inorganic pigments. That is why these pigments are insoluble in plastic as well as in other kinds of solvents. But in the case of organic dyes and pigments they are made up of with plants and plant products. While inorganic pigments are made from chemicals and artificial components only. Different areas of application of pigments: There are various kinds of pigment for coating is available for both organic and inorganic variants. These are used in various applications. Some of the application areas are as follows. Printing inks – We can see this in printers when we take printouts they have coloured pigments in it. The fact is all kinds of printing inks have pigments in various forms. Paints – Pigments are commonly used in paints of all varieties. Pigments are used in almost all segments right from protective coating paints to decorative coating paints. Other applications of paint include emulsion paints resin and oil-based paints aqueous based paints like lime etc. distempers automotive finishes etc.

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Textile and leather paints – Different kinds of paints are used for garment printing and leather printing. Textile industries use these pigments in polyesters and nylons because it has the capacity of absorbing the colour in the best manner and retain the colour for a long period of time. Know More About The Organic and Inorganic Pigments In this article we can see about the organic and inorganic pigments manufactured by unite star company. Pigments are used as the coating material before painting. It helps to retain the paint for long period in your construction where you are using the pigments. The pigments are classified into two types they are organic and inorganic. About organic pigments: The organic pigment is completely made up of the carbon chains and the carbon rings. A unite star company provides wide range fine quality organic pigments to their customers. The different kinds of organic pigments provided by them are Azo Phthalocyanine and fluorescent. These kinds of pigments are used in various industries they are ink plastics rubber coating leather and other industries. About inorganic pigments: These kind of inorganic pigments are best to use in ink and paint industries. Using this kind of inorganic pigments made the coating process simple and provides the best products to the industries and chemical factories. They provide inorganic pigments in different colors so that customers can choose the colors they need for their industries or houses.

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The different colors available in inorganic pigment are carbon black chrome yellow Molybdate red strontium chrome yellow and zinc chrome yellow. Why choose to unite the star company to buy pigments The organic pigment and inorganic pigment manufactured by this company is best than other company because of the reasons such as  It involves various testing process at every stage before delivering it to the customers.  They provide the best organic products to their clients as it has more experience in this field.  Their products are sold all over the country.  They deliver their products to the customers at the correct time and place without any hassles.  They also provide offers discounts and best deals on the products they manufacture.  They use top quality raw materials to manufacture pigments.  The packaging service of their products is good hence product damage doesnt happen.  They provide shipping service to their customers at low cost.  They solve all customer queries immediately and provide them with the products based on their need.  They always provide the best quality products in such a way that it attracts their attention to the products they have manufactured.

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These are the reasons where this company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of different chemical products to various industries such as ink paper textile printing and others. To provide customer satisfaction is the main aim of this company. They have a lot of experience in the field of manufacturing chemical products. Hence use our organic pigments and inorganic pigments for base coating for your home or industry. Source link: https://tinyurl.com/y6wdcs8o Follow us on social media: https://www.facebook.com/Star-Pigment-673101686231737/ https://twitter.com/starpigment https://www.pinterest.com/starpigment

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