Way to Diagnose the Brake Fluid Leaks in your Audi

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The brake fluid plays an important role in the functioning of the brake system. A small leakage of this fluid will lead to squishy brake pedal, illuminated warning lights, puddled brake fluid and there is even delay in the halt. See this slideshow to know about the ways to diagnose the brake fluid leaks in your Audi.


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Way to Diagnose the Brake Fluid Leaks in your Audi


Brakes are an important component of the car, you need to ensure that the brake system is in good condition for keeping it safe and enhancing its lifespan.


The braking system of the Audi is failed due to several reasons and the common among them are the malfunctioned brake fluid leak.


The brake system of the Audi is generally made up of four parts such as the brake lines, brake master cylinders, front brake calipers, and the rear brake calipers.


When you found a puddle of brake fluid on the ground, then make sure that the brake calipers of the car are leaking oil.


The following points help you to diagnose the brake fluid leaks in your Audi smoothly and more precisely.


Squishy brake pedal


When you push down the brake pedal to slow down or stop the car, if you feel mushy, spongy, soft or squishy brake pedal, then the air getting trapped in the brake lines.


To function properly, the brake lines need a proper amount of full brake fluid. Due to the leaks, the brake fluid is low and the air enters the brake lines and causes stopping issues.


Illuminated warning lights


When the braking system of your Audi has any problem, you will notice that the warning lights are turned on in the instrument cluster.


Through the brake related warning lights are illuminated on the dashboard you will conclude that the brake fluids are leaking.


Downward brake pedal


When the brake pedal of the Audi is soft or squishy, you will find severe leaks of brake fluid or problems in the brake master cylinder.


It clearly indicates that your Audi doesn't have enough brake fluid in the lines. So, in these cases slowly apply the emergency brakes by downshifting the gears.


Puddled brake fluid


The brake fluids are generally light yellow color, but over time it can be gradually converted into dark color.


If you found that the brake fluid reservoir of the Audi is not full, then you will notice that the fluid is leaking and produce a rancid smell like fish oil.


Delay to halt


The poor braking performance of the car can be attributed to several issues in different parts such as brake pads, calipers, and rotors due to brake fluid leaks.


If you notice that your car will take too much time to stop, then first check the brake fluid reservoir. If the reservoir is not full, then inspect the car for leakages.


Final words


The nonfunctional brakes are the most serious problems in the car as well as literally create some life-threatening situations on the road.


Until you are not checking and fixing the brake fluid leaking of the Audi, then don't drive the car in any of the circumstances.


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