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Graphic Design Agency Perth Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing What is the differences between Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing Did you know that about 60 percent of the small businesses have turned their attention towards digital marketing. Because Small businesses have one singular goal and that is to spend whatever they have adequately and make the most utmost of it. Today you must have an inquisition when it comes to spending on digital marketing vs traditional marketing and you should as this is not the 90’s where marketing is simple and making a profit is obvious.

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This article is not merely a distinction of digital marketing vs traditional marketing and does not list only the advantages of digital marketing. You will learn about how to get the best ROI from both Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing. But of course one is higher than the other in Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing. Starmedia specialises in creating strategic branding and marketing solution across all platforms from Graphic design agency Perth to website and mobile applications. Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: What is Conventional Marketing Offline targeting— where you can only stretch to a semi targeted audience with conventional advertising is known as traditional marketing. It is nothing new and if you are running a successful business you must have done it conventional marketing is stubborn and you cannot ignore it. Nevertheless it generates revenues the return of investment is not always high though and some traditional marketing hacks that one encounters daily is: Fliers Billboards SMS marketing Telemarketing Television ads Radio Newspapers Magazines

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The 4P’s of Marketing : With the modern advancements traditional marketing has unfolded to a great extent however the underlying viewpoints are still similar i.e. the four pillars of conventional marketing and digital marketing —PRODUCT | PRICE | PROMOTION | PLACE. Product The first and foremost marketing tactic is understanding your product better means your communication about your product also it should be one that accomplishes the requirement of the consumers. Price Also if you know your product you can label it with suitable price tags the determining factor in this scenario should include a good profit-margin the demand from the consumers and how quantifiable you can supply. Promotion You have an excellent product but how will you reach customers with your product Visibility comes with the highest price and the smartest price — in the present situation you can promote your product from both the traditional marketing TV Ads Newspapers or you can go full digital social media but you have to be smart in answering the question of— how to get the best ROI Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing. Place The place is a crucial asset to marketing as not only you want to get your products to the customers but also you want to get them at the right place and right time.

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If you get your products at the right time and right place you will have the best chance of converting your anticipation into potential customers. However you should know that to make them love your product and to want them to buy again can only be achieved with a great product. Contact Us Email ID - Phone - +61 8 9467 7890

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