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Weight- Loss: Energizers, appetite suppressants, and thermogenics found in VitaXan all support weight loss.


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Believe and succeed lifestyle .: 

Believe and succeed lifestyle . Believe and succeed lifestyle clubs is built upon six principles Faith –it takes great faith to accomplish anything. Trust-do you trust the people who invited you to these clubs? Do you have a vision for your future? You must follow simple instructions You must enroll at lease two persons You must be honest. The key to this business is partnering and leveraging .earning 110% plus more of your business centre activities.

Believe and Succeed Lifestyle Clubs : 

Believe and Succeed Lifestyle Clubs 1-Copper Cash Club-this club has a left and a right business centre .Members of this club enjoy auto ship benefit of a great product. Because they did not personally enroll at lease two members into the club .They earn no commission from spillover members in their left and right business centre.

Bronze Cash Club : 

Bronze Cash Club 2-Bronze Cash Club -members of this club are on auto ship for at least $60US.They enroll two members in their business centre .one on the left the other on the right. They are rewarded 5% of the total personal and business volume in their business centre with the least purchases and sales with increments of $400US e. g: If the volume of products moved on the left business centre is $500US and on the right is $1000US.because $500US has one $400US increment.

Bronze Cash Club: 

Bronze Cash Club You get 5% of $400US with a balance of $100US on your right side. Both would be carried forward to the next pay period ,once you keep on auto ship. Your commission for that period would be $20US . Your yearly membership is $40.US and this will be taken from your commission .This is a no flush volume system that is implemented by the company on your power centre meaning that the company does not flush volumes on your stronger leg. business centre. Volumes are added on volumes to infinity.

3-Silver cash Club: 

3-Silver cash Club Silver Cash Club-members of this club receive twice the benefit of bronze cash club members, when they enroll three members .instead of 5% they receive 10% e .g: If a member of bronze cash club receives $100US on the same volume the silver cash club member would receive $200US.

4-Gold Cash Club..: 

4-Gold Cash Club.. Gold Cash Club –enrolls 6 members in their left and right business centre-auto ship for $120US and others members on auto ship for $60US or more- earns 10% of the volume in their least business centre to infinity deep plus three generations matching bonuses-on first generation.50% e .g: If that member sponsors six members and each earning income of $1000US monthly ,a total of $6000US ,that member receives 50% equal $3000US -2nd generation 30%-3rd generation 20% a total payout of 110% .

5-Diamond Cash Club : 

5-Diamond Cash Club Sponsors 9 members some left and some right-on autoship for $120US-other members on autoship for $60US or more-earns 10% on lesser leg to infinity deep plus 3 generations matching bonuses-50%-30%-20% plus $30000US for new car,boat or motorcycle bonus ,if you bank $60000US in new volume in a month on your short leg.



GOJI MANGOSTEEN AÇAI Plus 23 other super healing foods from around the world: 

GOJI MANGOSTEEN AÇAI Plus 23 other super healing foods from around the world VitaXan is a combination of The Top Three Superfoods in the World:

Super Healing Food from around the world: In Vitaxan: 

Super Healing Food from around the world: In Vitaxan Acai Berry Alpha-Lipoic Acid Amino Acids Amlaberry Vitamin B Complex Bilberry Cocoa - Theobromine Co enzyme Q10 Cranberry Enzymes EpiCor™ Eleuthero Goji Berry Grape Seed Graviola Maca Mangosteen Marigold Lutein MSM Panex Ginseng P.E.A. Pomegranate Phytosterols Probiotics Resveratrol Rhodiola Rosea Tea Complex Xanthohumol


VITAXAN THE DRINK help to alleviate and prevent inflammatory diseases such as: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory lung disease, inflammatory bowel disease, atherosclerosis and psoriasis. Digestion and Detoxification: Proper nutrition and diet are important for many digestive diseases, including colorectal, esophageal, and liver cancers. A healthy digestive system ensures that you get the maximum amount of nutrients from your food while cleansing your body of harmful chemicals found in food, air and water.

Some of the benefits: 

Some of the benefits of detoxification are more energy, stronger immunity, fewer aches and pains and healthier skin and hair. The amino acids, B vitamins, enzymes and probiotics found in VitaXan all support digestion and detoxification of the body. Weight-Loss: Energizers, appetite suppressants, and thermogenics found in VitaXan all support weight loss. Immunity: In addition to a high level of antioxidants, VitaXan also contains immune boosters like Vitamin C, folic acid, and ingredients that fight off bacteria and parasites.

Products you Know: 

Products you Know The active ingredients in Panax Ginseng are called ginsenosides. Certain ginsenosides are able to stimulate the immune system. Ginsenosides may also have anti-cancer properties. In one study, Korean individuals who consumed Panax ginseng extract had a decreased risk of all types of cancer. Clinical trials suggest that Panax ginseng can reduce muscle injury and inflammation after exercise. Pomegranate One pomegranate delivers 40% of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement. It is also a rich source of folic acid and antioxidants.


1 Cocoa Extract (Theobromine) The fruit of the cacao has long been used in Central and South America. The extract contains a natural blend of Theobromine and Caffeine, providing a mild stimulating and thermogenic effect. It has the ability to boost mood and energy levels and can accelerate weight loss. Furthermore, cocoa contains a high level of flavonoids, which may have beneficial cardiovascular effects on health through their ability to alter a number of pathological processes. Cranberry While cranberry is perhaps best known for its effect on urinary tract health, newer research indicates that it may act elsewhere in the body against other bacteria as well. The adhesion of the different types of bacteria that cause both stomach ulcers and periodontal gum disease have been shown to be inhibited in the presence of cranberry.

Very small investment : 

Very small investment There is no selling of products 1 Box VitaXan, $450.00TT . 2 Boxes $ 850.00TT Sango Min (1 box)$225.00TT. 2 Boxes $360.00TT



Poised for Greatness: 

Poised for Greatness Partnering Concept – An effective and unique concept that works! Demand - People are seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs! No Middle Man – Manufacturer direct to consumer! Pricing – Amazing product at unbeatable prices! Vitaxan (1 Box) $450.00TT ,2 Boxes $850.00TT


1 month supply of Goji Berry: at $120.00US 1 month supply of Mangosteen: at $120.00US You would have to purchase all 3 of these top health transforming super fruits separately: 1 month supply of Açai Berry: at $120.00US


BUT NOW YOU GET all 26 Super foods in 1 For ONLY $60.00 (1 month supply) $450.00TT With Autoship

Matching Bonus Buy 2 boxes for $850.00TT: 

Matching Bonus Buy 2 boxes for $850.00TT 1st level – 6 partners averaging $1000/month = $6,000 commission You will receive 50% = $3,000 2nd level – 6 partners each have 3 partners = 18 partners averaging $400/month You will receive 30% = $2160


3rd level – 18 partners bring 2 new partners = 36 partners averaging $200 = $7200 You will receive 20% commission = $1440 TOTAL COMMISSION – $6,138 $3,000 $2,160 $1,440 $12,738 ….. Plus…..


CAR BONUS You will receive a check for $30,000 when you - get over 1000 partners within your organization - on your lesser leg, you must be doing $60,000 in business

Why so many are considering this as Wise Choice: 

Why so many are considering this as Wise Choice You will be paid 5% when you sponsor 2 persons and 10% when you sponsor 3 and get paid to infinity? Matching bonuses of 50%, 30% and 20% Car bonus - $30,000.00 Nutritional ingredients promoting health and wellness for the entire family Simple partnering concept that works No selling, taking orders, or complicated paperwork High monthly reorder rate with the potential to create many years of residual monthly income

Creating be best alternative to financial freedom through partnerships: 

Creating be best alternative to financial freedom through partnerships End results: Freedom to live the life of your dream More quality time with family and friends Live in the home of your dream Drive the vehicles of your dream Be able to help the less fortunate Enjoy peace of mind and freedom from stress and debts ALL because of the choice you are going to make right now!!

Determine Where You See Yourself: 

Determine Where You See Yourself 1st Gear - Become a Believe and Succeed lifestyle Club member today. - Come in at ground floor with monthly Autoship of 1 Box VitaXan, $450.00TT .2 Boxes $ 850.00TT Sango Min (1 box)$225.00TT. 2 Boxes $360.00TT Create a standing order if you have no Credit or Visa cards. Let me show you how.


YOUR BREAKTHROUGH HAS COME NOW is your time to begin enjoying your journey to Health, Wealth, and Peace of mind THIS is the place. Your best opportunity is here Believe and Succeed lifestyle Club is the one!!!! WHAT are YOU waiting for??? PARTNER WITH US TODAY!!!!! - Get with the person who brought you here - Decide whether you will be a Copper , Bronze ,Silver,Gold or Diamond today - Join me to begin your membership today

Sign Up Free : 

Sign Up Free 1. Go to and click on Sign Up Free 2. Check "YES" if you are a former Amigo Health Rep and no if not. 3. Type "starmaker" in the white box 4. Add your info.Thank You for joining the Club.

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